Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) chat

Direct debit successfully claimed this morning. :partying_face::joy:


Never has a Direct Debit sparked so much joy.


There wouldn’t have been an issue if my online direct line account had the updated date on it lol, why would it only be on the letter which arrived on the day it should have gone out. :man_facepalming:t2:

Companies don’t know how to do Direct Debit.

My Barclays one was of course cancelled (by them, despite being told it would collect), then when I had to call to make a manual payment they kept insisting that it would still collect despite the mandate being cancelled.

The complaints chap didn’t even really apologise or offer any remedy, and now I got a letter blaming me for missing a payment.

None of this is on RBS but rather shows Barclays’ incompetence.

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I’ve had the simlar issues before before where a DD was cancelled and Monzo who I used at the time said my council cancelled it but when I phoned my council tax office they said Monzo cancelled it. All I know is I didn’t cancel it. :man_shrugging:t2:

I woke up around 00:10 this morning and thought I’d check to see and it showed the DD as active in my list (previously empty) but it hadn’t paid out yet. By the time I woke up at 05:00 it had been claimed so I guess anywhere from 00:00 - 05:00 it comes out lol.

Got a notification to say it has been paid at 8am, so not instantly when they claim the funds but they do still give you a notification to say it’s paid which is nice.

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Which bank offers the best investment portal/account?

-Lloyds Bank

Looking to invest in some shares and funds but not sure whether to do it through a bank or another financial provider.

Ideally, I don’t want it to be with someone who has a mobile only app.

Vanguard, Nutmeg for funds for me. Individual shares not so sure.

I personally use Vanguard and Trading 212, Vanguard doesn’t have an app but T212 has web and app.

I use Wealthify and have no complaints.

I like things together but not overly bothered given that I don’t need/want to check it that often. I tend to only remember when I get the monthly email to say that they’ve got my deposit.

RBS has my pension (ish cuz it’s not really RBS)
T121 is for leveraged trading
Robinhood for non leveraged trading
Marcus for ISA

Quite like the look of Wealthify, If i remember correctly TSB are partnered with them?.

I have not started my investment journey yet as I have still got some debt to pay off after buying house a few years ago and more recently having a baby, but have been looking for some Junior ISA’s and mainly towards Wealthify and Vanguard.

Interactive Investor for S&S ISA and SIPP.
Both allow you to buy ETFs, Funds and shares with free regular investing. Flat fee structure makes it good also for larger portfolios, and takes away any guesswork in charges!

I’m not 100% sure, but the junior ISA was one of the reasons I chose them. I wanted both together and I wanted one that family members can top up directly. I did some research (10 mins on google) and Wealthify seemed like a good fit.


Anyone know the likely payout out for the switch offer?

Switch complete, funds will go in at 4 today.

Once the funds have been in 24 hours i’d say maybe 24 hours again, bank holiday might mess it up though.


Should be after 24 hours so hopefully tomorrow

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Thanks both :raised_hands:t3:



Its strange, Clearscore show Drummonds account open but no sign of it in the app or sms.

(It was quick though, I took the paper application to branch and it appeared on CR after 2 days😮)

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