Round-ups - impact on totals

When you make payments to a merchant, the app tells you how many transactions you’ve made in total, and total and average spend.

If you have round-ups set up, does anyone know whether the total includes the round-up amount, which would be misleading, or does it exclude it?

I would expect it to be excluded.

I’d imagine it’s excluded. If it was included, the total spend would be a whole number (assuming all payments > £1 and not in overdraft)

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I hope so. To be honest, I could check, and probably will do tomorrow, but am curious now - having only now asked myself the question!

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It would be. If you’d always had round-ups switched on. But I haven’t always…

It excludes round ups by the looks of it.

I just checked it with KFC

When I search I get 3 transactions


But my average is £15.67

As the actual payments were



Thank you. That’s great to hear. As you can see from my above screenshot, I didn’t have a merchant with only a small number of transactions, so it would have been a struggle to work it out!

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