Round up your Monzo purchases automatically!


Yep, I’m sure anyone using that feature with mild OCD will be livid :joy:

I like @Peter_G’s mock up - They could make the “grey” parts of round up and FX smaller, so it doesn’t impact the view so much.

(Tony) #85

That’s a bit of a leap. I think it’s more likely that the people who do not like the new solution are the ones voicing their opinions more readily than those who (like me) are fine with the new solution. I have no need to keep commenting “This is exactly what I wanted, thank you Monzo!”, after all.

(Simone) #86

We are talking about ± 99p so not a big deal. However that would be better, would be simply “the right way” :slight_smile:


Absolutely. I’m not overly fussed either way tbh, but it certainly seemed that folk wanted this type of solution before it landed! As you say, there always tends to be more critique than praise (alas).

Anyway, thank you Monzo for fixing it for the folk that really (really) wanted it! :blush:

(Simone) #88

Than an option would be preferable. A switch like “Show details of the round up in the feed”. We will be all happy!

(Jack) #89

Yep, they update the feed item with the correct settle value so don’t see why it can’t be updated with Round Up’s also.

(James Shrager) #90

Good point and don’t disagree - hence why I did a poll! Can’t argue with % - although again likely only people who don’t like it will vote so take with a pinch of salt!

(Michael) #91

My problem with displaying it like the foreign transactions is what do you do when it’s a foreign transaction that’s been rounded up?

You have to use the space underneath to show the foreign value …

So as it is currently is the best option imo

The way I see it is, the main screen is to show what’s in your current card balance - ie, the top value doesn’t include pot amounts.

The total amount taken out of your card balance for that transaction includes the round up amount … So this makes sense as it is

(Oliver) #92

I don’t really care if it’s the original or rounded figure that shows up in the feed, but it seems like a good idea to give people an option.

On a separate note, seems like roundups are performed on refunds too. This shows up in my feed as +1.98

(Caspar) #93

I would really like to be able to set it so it only rounds up if the payment is over 50p. It’s frustrating to have 99p disappear for a £2.01 purchase in the supermarket. Or, even better, if you can set the minimum amount for a round up to be activated, ie to have it not kick in for purchases under 75p.

(James Wheatley) #95

Has something changed today as my last 2 purchases have failed to roundup?

(Chinedu Umeh) #96

What was your balance and how much were the transactions?

(James Wheatley) #97

Balance above £100 and transactions were all above £5 so well above the £1 min.

(Eve) #98

After looking at foreign transactions I think this could be the best way of doing it. I don’t think we can get everyone to agree on this though. Not too sure what the total daily spend should be like, should this include the amount added to pots? Since the idea is that you are saving money without knowing it

(Ben) #99

Love the way that this has helped tidy up my feed! Would love it if IFTTT transactions could also be grouped under the transaction that initiates the workflow.


As some have mentioned, it would be difficult to get consensus on this but I just wanted to add my feedback. I personally don’t like the full rounded up transaction on my feed as I don’t have a sense of how much I’m paying for travel or food at places so easily now.

I’m the type of person though that has Chip notifications turned off so saving is invisible. Hence, I’d prefer just the icon.

(Jai Sullivan) #101

I’ve had to turn this off (again) in it’s current form, unfortunately — doesn’t work for me. Will be interesting to see the feedback from the poll as more people vote.

(Ben) #102

I tried a couple of transactions today; one rounded instantly; the other didn’t show the rounded amount at first - but the Pot had an increased balanced (so the money had moved). a few minutes later the feed updated with the rounded amount + the button to show it had rounded.

(brandon skerritt) #103

I really like the fact that it auto-roundups in the app. So If I buy something for £8.80, it shows £9 in the app. This is super useful to me as it makes it easier to budget and use coinjar at the same time! Previously I wasn’t rounding up my purchases, which caused all kinds of problems using it. But now that it’s automatically done, it’s perfect!!!

(brandon skerritt) #104

As in, I LOVE the way it works at the moment.