Round up your Monzo purchases automatically!

(Paul) #63

Clean feed! :heart:️ Not sure how I feel about showing the complete amount e.g. spend + round up. I think I’d prefer the round up amount displayed under the spend amount. Minor though. :pray:t3:


I agree I think this is a good example of what a lot of people were hoping for. The actual amount spent in the normal sized text (£520 in this example) and then the coin jar rounded up amount in smaller text (£11).

I don’t think this looks messy at all and gives you all the information you need with both figures split out to please everyone (I hope).

(WillH) #65

I agree also. Far from cluttering up the feed, previously it accurately reflected the activity within the account. I’m all for reflecting Coin Jar ‘transfers’ as related transactions but not to the point I have to go into each line to see what I actually spent. This has sort of killed it for me.

(Jai Sullivan) #66

Made a few purchases this morning, and I also have this issue.

(Eve) #67

Immediately after I said this I spent in a foreign currency and I guess this would made the transaction look really chunky. Would it work if the amount added to Coin Jar was placed in brackets in the same greyed line below?


Great point - Seems to be a really tricky one to cover all the angles.

I’d argue there are more people now who don’t like the implementation, than there were before (I’m not a fan of either implementation).

Personally, I’d be happy with the correct amount shown in the feed, and the little pig on the icon - I don’t need to know how much I’ve saved (I could work it out extremely easily if I did) - The whole idea is that it’s saving without you knowing about it!

(MikeF) #69

The issue is always going to be that the feed needs to add up to match the total shown at the top of the page for each day. This surely requires the rounded up figure to show.

While it may not be what everyone wants to see, doing anything else needs to be done in such a way as to address this key issue Maybe a single roundup transaction a day would do it but you then lose the correlation with the transactions that the roundups ‘came from’.

I don’t see a neat solution that will please everyone here.


Is that an issue which is essential for the app to operate correctly? Or for the user?

Say for example, the coin jar transaction was invisible to the eye (humour me lol), but the app could see it - Would that work for you?

(Tony) #71

If folk don’t like the merging of the data within the app, could they not instead use the IFTTT version of the coin jar round-up instead? That would retain the split out concept that we had prior to this update, wouldn’t it?

(Simone) #72

There is already a component in the app that handle a similar situation. Is the one that shows the amount spent in a foreign country below the amount in pounds!
The only thing to address is a rounder transaction in a foreign currency.


I think the feeling I’ve seen (maybe I’m wrong), but people didn’t like the fact that you had 2 transactions in the feed (I know I didn’t).

But now people don’t like the fact the ONE transaction only shows the rounded up figure (until you delve further into it, and see the split).

So by fixing the initial problem, a new one has been created.

I don’t think there is a work around for either yet!


Hi @mariotsi - Is that transaction right?

It looks like the coin jar has been used, but the feed shows the original amount?

Unless when the exchange rate settled, it added 0.02 to the transaction?

(James Shrager) #75

Reading the sentiment on here it seems the majority don’t like the new solution. I for one like the idea of showing it like the foreign transactions. And for foreign TXs not implementing coin jar feature…

There are a few options people have proposed to solve this. Be interesting to hear thoughts on them:

  • Display actual transaction amount with amount added to coin jar in grey underneath (like foreign transactions are displayed)
  • Display actual transaction amount with small piggy icon to denote coin jar transaction
  • Display transaction amount rounded up (happy with update as is)
  • Other

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I’m waiting for the people who spend a lot in foreign currency, but want coin jar… and don’t like the new implementation to come along with another option! lol

I don’t spend a lot abroad (sadly), so I would be happy for coin jar not to be in effect then, and I like the way it looks with the FX spend underneath in grey.

Although I don’t like it enough to turn it on - I like simplicity!

(MikeF) #77

I’m thinking user clarity but I’m guessing. It’s more that I can’t imagine a bank getting away with releasing an app where the maths didn’t work without a bit of detective work. That would be a potentially huge credibility mistake, surely?

(Simone) #78

That’s exactly what happened. The coin jar tip is calculated when the transaction is executed, but then the exchange rate changed and it went up 2p


This happened here while I am spending out in Spain.


Perhaps - I’m just trying to think of another option.

If I’ve turned on a feature which is designed for stealth saving - I wouldn’t have a problem with it not showing me the “round ups” of each transaction - Obviously there needs to be a trust that it’s actually going into your Pot though, and I see people not liking this.

The suggestion of the round up being shown in grey is nice (until you have that AND a foreign spend) - But as @jshrager said, you could disable it (or monzo could disable it), for foreign transactions.

I personally don’t like the 2 ways that it’s been implemented so far, and you say that user clarity wouldn’t be ideal with it moving it invisibly, but I’m not sure user clarity is better with the rounded up figure showing on things you’ve bought.

Certainly a tricky one to sort!


I’m probably in a minority (of one?) who didn’t mind two feed items. I’m not super enthused about the new solution, tbh, but I’m happy for folk who’ve been after this for some time.

I think Monzo’s design philosophy is to keep everything super simple. Personally I’d like a bit more detail, but I know that’s not for everyone.

My previous (rubbish) take on what I might like it to look like (look :eyes: at the Lidl transaction):

(Jack) #83

To me it would make more sense to do it when the transaction settles, as that’s the actual amount, otherwise the feature appears broken?