Robot Wars - Hot Coral

(Max Walker) #1

So off topic, but I’m just watching the new series of robot wars and thought wouldn’t it be good to have a robot in hot coral… Not sure where this is going topic wise.

Ooh maybe monzo could sponsor painting something mundane into hot coral with monzo stickers as an advertising campaign (bit like the blue trumpet from how I met your mother) or a hot coral taxi driving around london with monzo stickers.

Just my thoughts

(Hugh) #2

They aren’t robots. They are remotely controlled cars (essentially)

(Max Walker) #3

Oh definitely,
hot coral is still the way forward though :smiley:

(Hugh) #4

Totally :wink: Who would turn down a hot coral robot/ROV?

(Max Walker) #5

Not me, maybe I’ll repaint some of these that live in my office…

On second thoughts I fear that I may face some objections, would be fun though :smiley:

(Hugh) #6

Might put a sticker on the NXT:

(Max Walker) #7

go on and do It :smiley: