Robin Hood Electric - Money Not Taken

Changed my bank details for direct debit last month and its listed in my online banking so i know i entered the right details.

Bill was supposed to come out last week and didn’t. SO just phoned them up and they said they havent even tried taking the money and its something to do with the fact I changed my DD details late in the month and was advised to pay manually via card which i have now done.
Also aparrently next month it will come out by itself fine

Has this ever happened to anyone else ?

This has happened to me, while switching insurance with a legacy bank - even though I called the insurance company in advance to notify them of the change and also receiving confirmation of the change from the legacy bank.

After that debacle I ditched both the insurance company and the legacy bank.

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Yes this is quite common if you changed bank details to close to the date the money was due to be taken.

i.e you change your bank details on the 1st of the month and payment due on the 5th, it’s likely it was changed after the due date (hence why you can see it on your account now)