Ripple Energy

Has anyone come across Ripple Energy before? Currently funding on Seedrs and I am interested in getting people’s ideas on the company it’s self and it’s idea?

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Interesting concept! Gonna follow this thread.

They have just announced that Project 3 will be solar:

Some more info:

Their 3rd project - Derril Water Shared Solar Park is open to the public (it was just preregistration only) and closes in a few weeks.

It’s their first solar scheme with the other 2 being wind farms. 1 operational and the other due to go live shortly.

In the scheme of trying to be green and living in a flat; I personally can’t install solar panels so I’ve joined this.

Ripple Energy | Join Ripple and save on your bills (ref link* you and I both get £25 credit to our first electricity bill)

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how much of your consumption did you decide to cover?

I went with 33% of my annual usage, would have gone higher but the ROI is pretty long on the solar project and I’m keen to leave room for their future projects.

I went with ~48% as the amount I paid was a round number :laughing:

Will look again once I can get onto a wind project

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Just seen this and wanted to find out more. Do you guys have any useful links I can check that aren’t Ripple’s own site?

The have just announced their next project is another solar farm:

After the success of Derril Water, the UK’s first shared solar park, this next solar park will not only be larger but it’s going to be cheaper too.

Reservations for this project will close on 20th November at noon.

Full post

Why is shared solar such a bright idea?

It’s solar, but not as you know it: a cost-effective, community-driven, and climate-friendly solution. It delivers really well on Ripple’s mission to make green energy ownership affordable and accessible for everyone, everywhere.

  • Around 60% cheaper than the upfront cost of rooftop alternatives: when it comes to energy, size matters. By joining thousands of members in a Ripple managed co-operative for a large scale project, it lowers the up front cost for you, whilst still reducing your electricity bills by hundreds of pounds a year.
  • Diversify your generation across the year: If you already own a bit of one of our wind farms, you’ll benefit from the changeable UK weather. If you already have rooftop solar, it’s an easy way to supplement it and generate even more clean power.
  • No roof, no problem: If you can’t have rooftop solar because you rent, live in a flat, or simply cannot justify the up front cost, then this is the solution for you. And if you ever need to move, your ownership moves with you.
  • Biodiversity net gains: We, like you, demand high standards. When it comes to the environment around projects, we ensure they are not only protected, they are actively improved as a result of the development.

What’s changed since our last project

We’ll be releasing more details soon, but here are a few things that we’ve improved since our last share offer.

  • Costs expected to be cheaper than our last project: even though this solar park is bigger, we’re expecting the overall cost to you to be lower to buy your share.
  • Finance facility will be enhanced - if you follow our other projects you’ll know that engaging a finance facility is completely normal for any project of this size and scale. It gives members reassurance that once the share offer closes we can get started on the build. And once the finance facility has been repaid, it means your personal share of the project actually benefits from additional power.
  • UK businesses will be joining in greater numbers than ever before - businesses need to play a huge role in how quickly the UK decarbonises. They are an important part of the conversation when it comes to green energy ownership.

What happens now. Reservations closing 20th November

If you are still intending to reserve for this project, you’ll be pleased to know we are now in the process finalising your share offer document. This will give you accurate information regarding costs, estimated savings and expected generation, as well as the location of the project, in order for you to make your decision on how much of the solar park to buy.

  • 20th November: Reservations will close at noon on this day. If you do not make a reservation by this time we cannot guarantee you a place in this project.
  • Early December: planned share offer launch for those on reservation list. If you have reserved in time to meet the deadline, you’ll be invited back onto the website during an exclusive access window. You’ll be able to review your project information, get a quote and purchase your shares. This will be at least one week before the wider public.
  • Mid December: If there are any shares remaining once the exclusive access window has closed, we will open the share offer up to the wider public.

Ripple Energy | Join Ripple and save on your bills (referral link) (non referral link)

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Will probably go in on this project for something like 20% of my usage, but was really hoping for a wind project.

Then you may be interested in the Kirk Hill project - goes live (generates electricity for all) in April next year. Depending on your electricity supplier, you may not need to switch either.

The funding round for that one is already closed though right?

I’m in on the Derril Water Solar Farm project, and was hoping the next project would be wind. But another solar project is fine

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The funding is closed you’re right. But the concept is still available - you can sign up for access to the next project (if you fancy it of course):

Me too hoping for a wind… I’m in 80% of my usage with project 3, trying to workout if I should add the 20% with this project or wait for a wind project and get the 20% then.

Remember you can go up to 120%, plus you can increase your estimated consumption up to 7,000kwh per annum with no questions asked or evidence required. Just go to the profile section on the ripple site.

good shout… more to think about especially as there is now tax implications

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Details on Ripple’s project 4 are expected very soon :eyes:

Teaser for the location:

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