RIP Path

Did anyone else use Path back in the day? I remember being pretty into it for a few months when it launched, but they couldn’t sustain it.

Anyway… It’s being shut down, finally.

never heard of it

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Same here never knew it existed.

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It’s heyday was probably 6-7 years ago so I’m not surprised!


Oh yeahhh Path

I don’t remember that

I tried it :grinning:

I liked the idea - But like with all of these things, unless you can convince your friends and family, it’s a lonely place!

Facebook was still on the rise, and was just dominating social media.

Even now, trying to convince people to use other things is a nightmare.


The only Path I know of is the Porth Authority Trans Hudson. Never knew of this social network. Given I don’t appear to be the only one who’s heard of it, I’m not surprised it’s closing down.

Like others, I too have seen the struggle to get people to sign up to something new. Not even a social network, necessarily - I use Signal as the messaging app on my phone, but can I get most people I know to replace their default SMS app with it also? Can I buggery. :expressionless:

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Yeah I used Path.

For about six months.

Had two other friends on it.

Now I’m not even on Facebook.

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Never used Path but Orkut use to be a go to Social network for me and friends before Facebook boom

I had a Diaspora account and even I don’t remember this one

I guess I must have had an account as I just got this


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