RIP Mac Miller

This was the song that made me pay attention to him.

26 is way too young :pensive:

Don’t think I’ve heard of him but what a shame, so young! What was the cause?

I like that track. Going to add it to my playlist :+1:t3:

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Drug overdose.

He dated Ariana Grande for a few years. Apparently his addiction issues were the reason for their split.

Must be tough for her to hear this news. After a quick look on twitter people are blaming her for his death. She’s disabled her Instagram comments.

Be careful people :pray::disappointed:

Absolutely horrible news. 26 is too young :pensive:


I first heard of him when there was a buzz about a song he did called ‘Donald Trump’ I’ve just googled it, and that was 7 years ago.

Watched his popularity grow from afar.

Very talented, but he was very open about his drug use.

I’m feeling incredibly decrepit and ancient right now, as I’ve never even heard of this chap and I am (just about, more or less) across the younger side of 40.

I’m still mourning Burt Reynolds myself. Deliverance is a stone-cold classic, but I also loved Smokey and the Bandit, and Hooper. He had a good innings, though.

So, I do don’t know Mac Miller, but 26 is no age. I’m sorry to hear of his passing.

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RIP Mac Miller. Latest album felt he was at a turning point. Very sad. 7 years on, Donald Trump and Best Day Ever :ok_hand:t5:

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