Ring me back service

(Jamie) #1

In the future you may need to speak to a person outside of the app. A call back service inside the app would be great.

(Yossi) #2

While I agree sometimes you need to talk to a person , if mondo promoted support chat once they become a real bank I think that’d be awesome. I waste so much time calling numbers and trying to explain the same thing again and again.

Chat gets it straight to the point most time.


Yeah, I agree, having the support history is really useful.

Sometimes, though you need to talk to someone. The best bit about first direct is that you talk to native English speakers who generally have the authority to solve problems. This is a good model to follow.

(Rika Raybould) #4

A great addition to this would be to provide the option of in-app VoIP calling with something like the Twilio client. This allows for support to know who is calling (and potentially why) as well as makes phone support FAR easier to get hold of in some foreign countries.

When I go to Japan, I exclusively have data access, no calls or texts on my SIM due to local anti-gang laws. Our UK SIMs get nothing and I’ve had difficulty using applications such as Three InTouch (yay registration issues) or Skype to call Lloyds Bank when a friend had their card locked (eventually found BT’s VoIP app worked with a borrowed BT login). What we did have was perfect 4G/LTE with WiFi in every hotel, airport, most stations and convenience store.

(Emma) #5

Thanks for the feedback! :+1:

My name is Emma and I head up customer operations here at Mondo. :wave: If you weren’t aware already, we do have a customer support number on the back of the card that we answer during office hours (9am-6pm Monday-Friday). Alternatively, if you would ever like to speak to someone feel free to request it through the in-app chat and we will give you a ring as soon as possible.

In the longer term, we’d love to hear more feedback on tools that you think would improve the customer experience. :blush:

(Tom ) #6

Yo @emma_mondo. Why you so quiet in the customer support chat? Chasing up a little issue I’ve had with a ATM dispute.

(Jamie) #7

I don’t know if @emma_mondo has had to wait 20 minutes on hold to a bank when their staff are all on calls. But I can tell you that a ring me back service is soo much more better. Why do you think weQ4u app on dragons den did so well?

(Terry) #8

I think the reason I love the in app chat is that I can send off my issue and normally within the hour have a notification telling me that I have a reply.

Working in customer support myself, I have always found it a lot easier to e-mail customers rather than call and I can get through a lot more support issues this way, saying that, I think some things are easier explained over the phone, maybe in this rare instance you could arrange a time via the in app chat for a Mondo employee to call back?

@emma_mondo I have seen that number, I actually thought it was only for lost / stolen cards only