Ring fence partial current account balance

Twice now I’ve had my monzo details stolen (yes I know WTF), and it’s quite clear that these not so cool kids simply put multiple transactions through your account until it is drained.

So to combat this I’ve usually stuck the majority of my balance in a pot and drawn from it when needed.

However this makes my summary a little weird as it doesn’t show a nice clean burn down chart. It looks more like an Olympic bmx track.

It would be cool if you could ringfence some of your current account balance so it remains in the account but cannot be used until it is unlocked.

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I like this idea, but for a slightly different reason. Instead of a committed pot, I’d prefer to ring fence the committed spend from summary, so that transactions that would take you below it would be declined…



Would the ability to include a pot (and therefore its contents) in Summary solve your problem?

I think this is something which might happen quite often - I know loads of people who like to keep everything in a pot just in case their card gets stolen.

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