Revolut Style Metal Cards

Hi all,

I know that this has been discussed before, but Revolt are about to launch a metal card, something I wish Monzo would do.



This seems like a boy’s toy to me to be honest. I’d be very surprised (& disappointed) if Monzo offered a premium style subscription service so I’m not sure a metal card would really make sense.

I’m sure some users would pay for one of these cards anyway but perhaps not enough to justify the cost of making them available.


*Hot Coral


I don’t see the need for it, it would cost too much to produce for what might be a small uptake.

Also we now have Apple Pay and Google Pay so again I doubt there would be a large uptake because of this.


I quite like the idea of it… but not a Hot Coral one…


I’m not suggesting a premium service.

I’d just like a metal card, more robust.

I’d be surprised if there wasn’t enough demand to justify a production run, even if users paid a small one-off fee to cover it.


I too like the idea of a very nice feeling card, but I feel like it would be too much for them to try and get out. I’d be happy to pay for it, though. Maybe the next crowdfunding cards for investors??? (I’d still like it to be Hot Coral) :wink:


It’s not about need, and I feel a bit dirty saying it, it’s about want.

I’d like a metal and I’m sure many others would, I also think that there’s enough demand that they could be produced on a one-off fee basis.

If the likes of N26 and Revolut offer it, I’m sure the demand is there.


I would love a metal card and would pay a premium for it if I could also get breakdown cover, mobile phone and travel insurance as part of the fee. I would then wave goodbye to my Nationwide FlexPlus account.

I currently pay £13 and would pay a little more for the privilege.


Isn’t that the definition of a premium service?

(Genuine question, not trying to be smart!)

As much as it looks nice it’s a bit of a gimmick in my opinion. Trying to draw people in by making it shiny. If the product is good then fair enough! Aka what you get alongside the card. I think selling it on its own wouldn’t make many sales.

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I like the idea too. Monzo are offering little customisation in terms of cards. The Monzo Coral card isn’t at all what I would choose by choice!

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I meant in the sense that I’m not advocating for a monthly paid service offering extra features.

I would love a metal card purely for something a bit more robust. I just got back from Spain and my Hot Coral card was in my wallet on the table and has warped out of shape due to the heat :see_no_evil:, had to order a replacement.

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+1 this

I agree, even if we had to pay an upfront fee to cover it.

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I love the idea but not really sure it’s Monzo’s style.


I agree

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It’s essentially a crowdsourced service, their style is basically whatever people ask for if there’s enough people asking :blush:


Monzo or Revolut?


Whilst the company obviously make the decisions, they’re largely steered (the consumer facing side anyway) by the feedback of users.