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I wonder how long it takes the card to turn into a brown tint/glow stop working

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about: The glow wears off over time and when it has burnt out it turns brown. Same thing happens with Rolexes the glow doesn’t last forever as after a while the dial will shift colour and go into a burnt out brown.

Post it as a gif! Any gif app/site will allow you to make your own, and it bypasses this issue


You only went and crashed that right in the middle of a conversation about Revolut’s glow in the dark card :joy:


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Also, I thought that this kind of glow in the dark stuff required “charging” with some daylight before it would glow in the dark. That’s not gonna work well for a card you keep in a wallet?

Just found this in my email with a link to a survey.


That free card looks excellent. Especially the debit transaction transfer to CL - a very interesting feature.

What’s cl?

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Credit Limit. I assume it means you can move a normal revolut transaction over to your credit card. Though it’s the caveat of it only being the amount, you wouldn’t get the rest of the protection like s75.

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Feels like I’ve been waiting an age for the first mainstream Fintech credit card. I’d be all over the free card but can’t see anything worth paying £4 p/m for.

Looks like they have a couple of variations of the suvery as my options are different.

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Monzo has serious competition once Revolut gets that licence. Pretty much every feature I can think of that folk on here want Monzo to build, is already offered at Rev. Once it’s regulated, Revolut will be the business Monzo could never quite get to.


I’m not so sure anymore, for me. Monzo are doing some good stuff recently, and I think once they’ve got virtual cards linked to pots sorted, I’ll be locked into Monzo and probably find it very difficult to leave them. If they listen to the Simple refugees, and trickle some of those improvements for US customers into the U.K. app, then that will just cement them as the bank for me.

N26 has always been the bank after my own heart. Everything they’ve done in Europe has been precisely what I’ve wanted from a bank, and they have the interface I like the most. If they came back to the U.K., I’d switch back in a heart beat. But I don’t think even they could tempt me if Monzo deliver those aforementioned improvements, and I’ve every confidence they will at this point.

As it stands now though, for me, it’s absolutely a race between Monzo and Revolut. Revolut has more of what I want, but they’re not a bank. Monzo are well poised to surpass them in terms of what I’d prefer from my bank with Plus. Question is, who is gonna get there first. Three months ago I’d have said Revolut, no question. Monzo feel more in the game now.