Revolut Feedback

I’m loving the new layout. They just need to push on and get a brutish banking license.


Hi! I’d like to know more about the stock trading offer on Revolut. On paper it looks interesting but I am afraid of the cost.

Looks to me reading on their website that they support Faster Payments, is that not right?

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I’n what way? I did one today, it was instant.


I have done two in the past week, one took about 6 hours and the other closer to 24 hours. Both were relatively low amounts as well.

How are you doing them? I did a transfer today via the Revolut app and it pulled in the cash immediately.


I am doing just a regular bank transfer to my Monzo account, I have just done another one now to myself and it says arriving Tuesday (after the bank holiday), any idea why this could be?

Could be an issue with Monzo.

I’ve tried sending money to Revolut from two different bank accounts (one starling one major bank) one via Revolut via open banking and one via direct bank transfer. Both were instant.

I just tried sending money from Revolut to starling and that was also instant.

Have you tried another bank account?

I’ve just signed up to that. It’s free. You get 3 free trades per day it seems. Plenty enough for a light or long-term investor

Hey, that’s great, thanks

What’s Marcus at now?

From 30 May it’s 1.05% or 1.20%/1.15% for those of us with the bonus rates

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For me, it will be 1.15% from May 30. If by the time my bonus expires and Marcus don’t offer another, and Revolut have taken the steps they need to in order to be the ideal financial hub for my needs, I’ll almost definitely switch to them and subscribe to one of their premium offerings. That’s FSCS protections and improvements to their trading platform to bring them in line with Freetrade’s current offering (assuming the savings rate remains competitive with other market leading accounts of course).

I don’t think Revolut will be offering FSCS protection in the near future. That’d require a banking licence which I believe is a lengthy process

That can vary quite a bit depending on the pedigree. Atom had the whole process done in about a year, which was much faster than their rivals at Monzo and Starling. Revolut are certainly hiring the right people to get that job done efficiently, but I’ve also heard reports they’re looking to buy out a competitor to acquire a license too.

Passporting on their Lithuanian license in the meantime (assuming that’s still a possibility) would be enough assurance for me to trust them with more of my money.

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Yeah, plus their interest-bearing savings vaults have FSCS protection anyway as those are offered in partnership with another bank.

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The fee drops the effective rate just keep in mind

I’m aware of that, but the I’m wanting the premium account for the other features, not necessarily access to the savings vault. The fact savings vaults are an option is just an added bonus to me, so the cost of premium has no bearing on it.


It certainly balances it out. I’ve considered a paid account but it doesn’t quite offer me sufficiently useful services for now.

On the upside the savings vault can pay for the paid account outright. £7k pays for yearly premium and £10k pays for yearly metal

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Revolut has more customers than there are people living in Lithuania. It transacts more business than Lithuania’s entire GDP.

There is no EU-wide deposit protection scheme.

You really think if Revolut went bust, Lithuania would even be able to bail you and everybody else out, along with all its own citizens?