Revolut Feedback

Not even on their website yet.

That’s not bad at all. I’d be more inclined to use it if they were using their banking license.

My biggest complain about revolut is that I really really don’t like how it looks, this IOS like interface, can’t really look at it
The other issue is that every page, every feature is missing something essential:

  • I am getting money transfer, can’t see account number of person who send it to me, can’t send back.
  • At beginning I had trouble to figure out that I can’t do money transfer from account page, and I need to go to “Payments”
  • Bitcoins - can’t send or receive
  • Dashboard - toones of useless stuff. making difficult to find what is important
  • Lounges - except of one extra use at beginning, the price is absolutely regular price, like paying via airport site. All other Lounges providers are cheaper
  • Currency/Stocks diagrams are nice, but lack of ability to see more then a year makes them useless
  • I can schedule transfer (top up) of Euro vault, but I can’t simply set it to 100 £ every month, I must enter value in Euro what change every month ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Pretty cool for metal and premium

Waiting around in the airport when you should be soaking up the sunshine is no fun. Introducing SmartDelay, a new feature which gives you and your travel companions free lounge passes if your flight is delayed more than an hour.

Fact is, we can’t make your plane arrive any faster, but we can do our bit to make you a little more comfortable while you wait.

They never factored in easyJet did they.

Can anyone with Revolut give us some feedback on this feature?

This bit caught my eye:

the move will also allow customers to “set budgeting controls for their Revolut and external accounts

I wonder if Monzo might do something similar?

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I just tried it on Revolut - linking my Monzo, TSB, FD. It’s via TrueLayer and was actually incredibly easy to do (just a few clicks for each account).

So far it’s somewhat useful to see all your transactions in one place. The only thing is Monzo’s budgeting features seem way better than Revolut’s so I can’t wait until this makes its way to Monzo!


Does it show transactions or just balance?

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Screenshots gratefully received! :pray:

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Yes you can see transactions as well as balance within the accounts tab. Then the analytics tab (screenshot above) shows summaries of the spending on the linked accounts, and can click into each category to get the transactions.

But right now this is quite basic compared to Monzo’s budgeting…biggest issue being that lots of things categorised as « general » and don’t think it’s possible to recategorise transactions.