Revolut Feedback

I just tried it on Revolut - linking my Monzo, TSB, FD. It’s via TrueLayer and was actually incredibly easy to do (just a few clicks for each account).

So far it’s somewhat useful to see all your transactions in one place. The only thing is Monzo’s budgeting features seem way better than Revolut’s so I can’t wait until this makes its way to Monzo!


Does it show transactions or just balance?

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Screenshots gratefully received! :pray:

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Yes you can see transactions as well as balance within the accounts tab. Then the analytics tab (screenshot above) shows summaries of the spending on the linked accounts, and can click into each category to get the transactions.

But right now this is quite basic compared to Monzo’s budgeting…biggest issue being that lots of things categorised as « general » and don’t think it’s possible to recategorise transactions.


Email just now from Revolut:

Guess what’s coming…

We’ve been thinking about ways to say thank you for being our customer and help you get more from your money every day. And, after a lot of testing, it seems like we’ve finally found a way.

We can’t share the details just yet, but your Revolut card is about to get even cooler – if that’s possible?! Stay tuned for a big announcement coming in just a few days time.



Spin a wheel to get daily rewards?

Is the bus a bonus prize?


Maybe an integration with a company like citymapper ?

Use your Revolut card instead of carrying around both.

I was thinking a chance I get a % if your monthly spend on a category back

But no idea how they could afford to do that

Yeah there’s no way they could afford that, must be some sort of transport subscribe and save.

I’m pretty sure it’s a reduction on the subscription

Big Revolut news:


Hardly big news, really, though. I have a feeling we’re going to be disappointed.

Looks like Revolut has just closed a funding round valuing them at $5.5bn.

Also an article that doesn’t require signup:


New email,

Sounds great! What are the offers?

We’re offering three ‘Welcome Perks’ from Trainline, National Express and HelloFresh which are instantly available to you. For every 10th transaction you make with your Revolut card, we’ll send you an awesome new Perk from more top brands such as Amazon, Expedia and TUI. Pretty cool, right?

Wow. Revolut managed to design it so that the HelloFresh discount auto–applies to existing customers. Monzo couldn’t even manage that with Plus.


I really hope Plus is going to launch with things like this. Just another relaunch of a packaged account won’t cut it. They have been so quiet for so long, there is either a killer feature to compete, or they have abandoned it.


The complete radio silence is unnerving. They seem to only know two extremes, and then things don’t turn out as they should

I’ve had this on beta for ages.

The discounts are generally a bit pathetic, like 5% off up to £1…, but then I’m on the free plan, so may be more exciting for paid up subscribers.

This makes me sad monzo points died a death. Had so much promise