Revolut Feedback

A whole lot of nope :scream:

It looks tiny and very cramped in there. I don’t think I could cope with such little desk room and being sat so close to others.

They don’t even have cupboards or drawers, where do they put their stuff? :briefcase: I need at least 2 monitors :desktop_computer::desktop_computer: for starters too :sweat_smile:

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Onto Revolut CS as I type, Rita told me roughly 7mins to wait for a Live Agent, it took them 18mins! Shocking if you ask me, they are still actioning what I asked them about Pending payments still show back in May, card authorisations is what they are, but still show as pending.

Update: Revolut account closed. Strange CS told me they would update me when my account was terminated, they didn’t, it just kicks you out of the App and asks you for your mobile number, so Im guessing thats Revolut your account is now closed.

Are you sure? I contacted CS 10 min after your post and I got an agent in 1 min. No, I don’t pay for premium or other crap. I have the basic account.

Yes I was sure!

Then, explain me how is this possible? I have a screenshot.

I guess they were just busy in their Lithuanian office :wink:

Post your screenshot of the conversation then.

I cant, I didnt take one, you will just have to believe me.

You can go to the Revolut chat with the conversation anytime…

See above

For the record, you just added that quote to your previous post only now. I’m sick and tired of people spreading rumours about the company, even if I am a Monzo shareholder. What you wrote about the CS waiting times is simply not true as I contacted them 10 minutes after you and I got an agent in 1 minute.

Unless you have access to Revolut’s customer service systems how can you know that it’s not true?

It seems like a very random thing to make up. I think it’s reasonable to see how they could vary quite significantly.

There’s a load of reasons that the times will vary.

It may be that additional staff got on in those 10 minutes and were therefore able to pick up your request very quickly. Or a bunch of related complex queries were all solved at once.

I for one found that Revolut had very inconsistent waiting times, back when I had an account.


Or the rita bot routed him to a different team with a longer wait time.

Or prioritised your query based on keywords.


OK, i asked for an Live Agent please at 18:59hrs, Rita advised me that I’d have to wait roughly 7 mins at the same time. That by my calculations is 19:06hrs. I got a response from Veronica at 19:17hrs.

Just tried to access Revolut app again I can’t it asks for me to enter in a new PIN. So I can’t access any historical chats. Sorry I didn’t take screenshots.

@FisherMerton - Don’t take it personally. All I can say is it sounds like it was a good job it wasn’t yourself waiting 18mins.

The backlog cannot go from 18 minutes to 1 minute in the span of 10 minutes.



Can we move on please?

This can’t be interesting for anyone, even those involved.


Get a dozens card currently works old school way of Monzo before a bank, unlimited foreign atm withdrawals :wink:


Not an FT subscriber, what’s the article? The URL doesn’t give a hint.