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Do you mean things like this


I had an incoming SEPA transfer take only 2 hours to arrive from a french bank to Starling so several days is clearly not necessary.

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It’s not just the Monzo forum that is critical of Revolut. Rather than making statements that add little to the discussion, feel free to counter any arguments you feel are unjustified.


I just noticed all my transfers are being handled as “Turbo” transfers. Last year I had a Premium trial and it seems since then all my transfers are turbo.

Having that in mind I did several SEPA transfers this morning to bank accounts in Portugal, Germany, UK and Netherlands and they have all arrived by now.

On one hand I have to say I’m very impressed given that SEPA transfers take usually a couple days. On the other hand UK sterling transfers which should be much faster seem to take the same amount of time

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Did anyone get this today from the Revolut app? Guess they’re trying to get more customers in return of a free metal card; with what’s been going on, I wonder if people will give them a second thought before getting their friends to join them

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Not giving you much of a time window there

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Now they can’t get job applicants to sign people up, they need these kinds of promotions.


With apologies for the pay wall link, more news:

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To be honest, Revolut’s team seems like a bunch of 12year olds and the only ones that are serious are actually the developers lol

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Not sure if this has been posted before but it’s interesting seeing Revolut cards in the gift card section of some stores.

This could be a nice touch for those that don’t have a permanent address. They could pickup a card then retrospectively download the app and activate in seconds.

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So revolut are thinking about selling merch, looks very expensive imo. Feedback survey>

Also got an email that UK sort codes and account number are to stop working and everyone is getting new details (which is downright annoying if you’ve set up direct debits) new sort code is 04-00-75


It would - except they don’t have direct debits on their UK/GBP accounts so it’s no problem. Old details will automatically be redirected. After redirection, they’ll be rejected so no problem.

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Oh I assumed DD would work.

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I imagine they’re working on it as they have DD for Euro accounts - they’ve had GBP account details for a few years tho and still dont support it

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A friend uses Revolut and his account has been suspended because (I’m sure many have done this) he went to the theatre with another mate, paid for the tickets then was repaid by bank transfer with the reference “Contraband”.

The account was suspended and a fraudulent transaction investigation launched automatically by Revolut. The account holder is a little annoyed whilst my mate who sent the money is both dismayed and laughing.

I’m sure if there were illegal funds being sent bank to :bank: bank, persons involved wouldn’t detail their transactions in this way :open_mouth:

I’ve used Revolut for a while not and not had any issues. Monzo are ahead of them in many things but I’m looking forward to using Revolut abroad :airplane: later this year.

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You just don’t do that though :woman_facepalming:

Ok so we know it’s a joking reference and they know it but you still can’t do that :joy:

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Hahahaha. It’s a good test for their fraud and money :moneybag:laundering systems after their recent :newspaper: bad press. Probably more reason not to have done it.l, but funny though :smile:.

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We used to get asked if you were flying to England from Belfast what the purpose of travel was. Every so often someone would think it was hilarious to write on the questionnaire ‘secret IRA bombing mission’. Don’t do that. Like, really don’t do that unless you like a night being questioned by special branch :joy:


I expect any claim HAS to be checked out because of the slim chance it is genuine and if they don’t it is never going to be forgiven or forgotten so they make it as tough as possible for the prankster to put them off.
The thing is if someone else sends you a stupid bank reference you pay the price. It would serve the sender right if the payment was traced and their account was frozen as well!