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Do you mean things like this


I had an incoming SEPA transfer take only 2 hours to arrive from a french bank to Starling so several days is clearly not necessary.


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It’s not just the Monzo forum that is critical of Revolut. Rather than making statements that add little to the discussion, feel free to counter any arguments you feel are unjustified.


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I just noticed all my transfers are being handled as “Turbo” transfers. Last year I had a Premium trial and it seems since then all my transfers are turbo.

Having that in mind I did several SEPA transfers this morning to bank accounts in Portugal, Germany, UK and Netherlands and they have all arrived by now.

On one hand I have to say I’m very impressed given that SEPA transfers take usually a couple days. On the other hand UK sterling transfers which should be much faster seem to take the same amount of time

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Did anyone get this today from the Revolut app? Guess they’re trying to get more customers in return of a free metal card; with what’s been going on, I wonder if people will give them a second thought before getting their friends to join them

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Not giving you much of a time window there

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Now they can’t get job applicants to sign people up, they need these kinds of promotions.


With apologies for the pay wall link, more news:

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To be honest, Revolut’s team seems like a bunch of 12year olds and the only ones that are serious are actually the developers lol