Revolut Feedback

(Nathan Steer) #1023

How do I get past Rita to talk to a support agent for this? :smiley:

(Morgan Perry) #1024

She said “You’ll need to speak to someone to do this” so I said “I’d like to speak to an agent” and she passed me through. They have a wait time of ~1hr at the moment.

My guess is they’re either understaffed or everyone is trying the same thing!

(Nathan Steer) #1025

That probably should have occurred to me… :joy: thanks :slight_smile:

(Simon) #1026

I had the same. Lots of declines and support said that I had to contact all the merchants etc and wouldn’t reissue me a new card so I closed my account.

(Morgan Perry) #1027

Wow! I realised when I was looking to through the app earlier that transfers take 1-3 days (!!). Guess they’re not part of Faster Payments.

(NM) #1028

WAIT!!WAIT, I thought this was a troll… not an actual thing…

(Sacha Zarb) #1029

Not a bank, so need to get the cash out of the proper bank who hold the cash for them


I’ve not used Revolut but all the negative news, examples of questionable PR and poor experience from friends doesn’t fill me with confidence to try it out… And the fact that it doesn’t seem like something I’d need. Cool looking app though.

(Marcel Ruhf) #1031

Even e-money institutions can be part of the Faster Payments network, like TransferWise, or make use of a service allowing instant transfers, which is what Dozens does for example.

(Thomas Horne) #1032

I’ve seen this before and did think it was in rather poor taste.

(NM) #1033

Poor taste, unprofessional the list of unfavourable words go on and on…


It’s that time frame for SEPA euro transfers?

(Marcel Ruhf) #1035

Nope,UK transfers can take anywhere from several hours to a day to complete.


Sure, I know UK transfers through Revolut can take up to a day. Ive had some even taking 2 full days occasionally but that’s still not 1-3 days! :wink:

If Faster payments transfers which usually take up to 2 hours take up to 3 days, then SEPA transfers must take weeks.

Is Revolut trying to force people into using their “Turbo” transfers?

(Kevyn) #1037

I transferred £223.45 from Revolut to Monzo at 5:22am on Monday and it reached my account at 5:51am. My previous transfer of £956.75 on 23rd February started at 2:02pm and arrived at Monzo at 2:22pm that day. They are not part of Faster Payments, and it can take longer but generally I get them the same day or early the following day.

I’ve not SEPA transferred in a while but I sent €246.65 from Revolut to my Dutch Bunq account at 7:36pm on 1st September 2018 and it arrived at 11:40am at 3rd September 2018. So about 2 days.


Just done a Revolut to Barclays xfer, took 40 minutes with turbo transfer.

(Katrina) #1039

SEPA transfers I’ve done to a bank account in Italy take about 6 hours.

(Thomas Horne) #1040

Turbo :laughing: :rofl:


There’s a lot of scorn for Revolut on here, unsurprising really as it’s a hugely biased community. However, when Monzo provide me with the functionality of Revolut I may consider using my Monzo card - I don’t currently.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #1042

There is a lot of scorn for Revolut on another forum , is that a “hugely biased community” ? maybe Revolut are deserving of scorn if what has been reported is true ???