Revolut Feedback

(Gracjan Deresz) #966

No. UK and IBAN are on free tier as well.

(Splodf) #967

So why are you listing them as things you get with Metal? They’re just Revolut features.


All of that you also get with the premium tier (which is also overpriced, but that’s another conversation), except for the “exclusive consierge service” a raise of 200 in cash withdrawals and the cashback.

So even assuming premium is fairly priced, is it worth twice the price for “exclusive consierge” and 1% cashback outside EEA?

I’m discounting the ATM withdrawals since here in Portugal ATM withdrawals are free and unlimited with every account, ATM limits or paying for withdrawals is simply not a concept anyone has, tough to be fair your mileage may vary depending on where you are.

So for metal to be worthwhile over premium you have to spend 700 Euros or the pound equivalent outside the EEA, and do that MONTHLY!

How many people do you think will do that? And don’t forget, I’m comparing with premium, the comparison would be even worse if comparing to the free tier, value wise

(Andy) #969

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(Kolok) #970

Just seen they’ve got Swiss ibans now.


How did you access that? All I get is a pooled IBAN (In revolut’s name)

(Kolok) #972

Just saw the title of this , didn’t read it at the time, seems like it is a pooled IBAN ,

(Jordan) #973

For anyone that does use Revolut - and also pays for either PREMIUM or METAL - what is your honest assessment of those features? It seems excessive for what you get - so would like to hear from those that do pay it.


I don’t pay for it, but I have premium for a year. There was a promo in which you got premium for a year if you got 3 other people to open a Revolut account. Honestly, I don’t notice a single difference from free. I already had turbo transfers since I used the premium trial last year, for some reason I kept getting the turbo transfers after downgrading.

The card, setting aside the design feels more flimsy and cheap than the standard Visa one, something other people have complained on the Revolut forum.

I’d say the worthwhile thing you get with premium is the insurance package, tough its overpriced for what it is. 4.99€/£ would still not be terribly cheap but would be more fair and hopefully they could at least remove the ATM limit

(Jordan) #975

It just seems very expensive to not really notice it. I guess it is for a specific kind of consumer. I would hate to see Monzo go this way (unless for Credit Cards) as doesn’t really align with the “transparent banking” concept.

(Bendik Hallstensen) #976

I’m a Revolut user and also pay for Metal. As an international student in the US it makes total sense for me to use Revolut. Not only do I get a good exchange rate, but I also get 1% cashback which has paid back in only a few months.

(Jordan) #977

Is the exchange rate more referable than say the standard MasterCard rate? 1% cashback is nice but for circa £15 a month just seems on the pricey edge for most consumers - albeit probably not targeted for the everyday consumer and is more geared for someone like yourself.


How is that cashback worthwhile? If you’re in the US there are multiple credit cards, that shouldnt be hard to get if you’re an international student which give much more cashback and have no annual/monthly fee, all with better insurance packages. Isn’t something like the Discover It card a much better option if you’re in the US?

Even a lot of European credit cards give you more than that or at least the same for no annual/monthly fees. With revolut metal you get just 1% and only after 1500 of monthly spend.

Revolut metal seems like a joke, but maybe I’m missing something :wink:

(Bendik Hallstensen) #979

You’re missing something. Yes, European credit card gives you a better bonus, but they also come with a bedt exchange fee who outweighs the value. You can’t really get a US credit card without a credit score and a SSN. Something international students aren’t usually given.


With European cards, there are no fee cards that give 2% cashback and use MasterCard exchange with no fees and a solution like curve let’s you avoid any exchange fees no matter the card

In the USA, you can get a secured card if you have no credit score, which is usually refunded within 6 months and for a lot of cards if you’re a student you don’t need an SSN, you just need proof you’re enrolled in an US education institution. In alternative, just get an ITIN and you can have any card you want even if not a student.

I don’t really see any point, especially if you’re in the US (!) in paying a monthly fee to get a measly 1% cashback when you can have a totally no fee card that gives you at least twice that. I’m yet to find a situation where revolut metal makes any sense unless you just want a metal card for vanity and try and struggle to justify it beyond that

(Bendik Hallstensen) #981

I’ve yet to find cards like that in Norway where I’m from, but if you know one one, let me know. I will however look into the option of an American card. I have a have debit cards, but would now give me a credit card.


I don’t really know of what cards are available in each country, but here in Portugal there are a lot of cards that give 2-5% cashback on everything and have no annual/monthly fees. For no exchange fees, there’s as an example a card with 2% cashback and no fx fees, no cash advance fees, no fees at all beyond interest if you don’t pay your balance in full like with any credit card.

I’d image that no matter the country, you at least have a card that gives you the same 1% as Revolut but everywhere, including Europe and no annual/monthly fees.

As for US credit cards, for something like half of them you don’t need SSN, just ITIN, which isn’t that hard to get and for a some cards if you’re an international student you don’t even need that. You can look at the following link to start with:

The Deserve Edu just needs you to provide information you’re a student and doesn’t even require a credit history or a security deposit