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I don’t really know of what cards are available in each country, but here in Portugal there are a lot of cards that give 2-5% cashback on everything and have no annual/monthly fees. For no exchange fees, there’s as an example a card with 2% cashback and no fx fees, no cash advance fees, no fees at all beyond interest if you don’t pay your balance in full like with any credit card.

I’d image that no matter the country, you at least have a card that gives you the same 1% as Revolut but everywhere, including Europe and no annual/monthly fees.

As for US credit cards, for something like half of them you don’t need SSN, just ITIN, which isn’t that hard to get and for a some cards if you’re an international student you don’t even need that. You can look at the following link to start with:

The Deserve Edu just needs you to provide information you’re a student and doesn’t even require a credit history or a security deposit

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Revolut has just released beta lounge passes for metal and premium members I can’t see prices as I’m not a premium member, provided by LoungeKey

Says metal gets one free lounge pass and premium gets it ‘at cheap rates’

Can’t be a coincidence with curve announcing lounges.

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Yeah, but Revolut had it in its pipeline for a while now.


It seems with Revolut Premium you get the same “cheap rate” you’d get with Curve Metal


Hi, this is Madeline from Business Insider, an American news site. I read your message and hope to learn about your experience with Revolut. It seems that you are not the only person who had issues when using its services. Would you like to share your experience with me? That would help other users who are experiencing the same problem. Please email me if you want to talk. Looking forward to talking to you!

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But bet they’re glad the company is still being talked about.


Looks like I was right about this

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Has anyone else been offered 12 months of free Revolut Metal for making five successful referrals by the end of the week?

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I haven’t but that’s a very good deal, wish I had that.

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It would be a good deal if I had five people I could convince to sign up. :no_mouth:

It’s a shame the offer isn’t transferable…


Yes, multiple times by now. I don’t use them. There’s regularly also a promo that allows to refer other people and they can order their card for free, so the choice is between inviting 3 to 5 people (the requirement varies) and each one has to pay a card so that I get 12 months premium or I can offer them the card. Given the two options I think the first is a bit scummy to the invited person

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That’s interesting to know, I got a follow-up email about the promotion (originally just saw a banner in the app). It sounds like they might have improved things since your experience, as on this particular one the people I referred were able to order free physical cards.

For anyone interested, the terms are here (see ‘Metal Referral Program’ at the bottom of the page). Seems like it’s being emailed out as a targeted offer.


That one looks like a combination of the two and it’s actually beneficial to all parties. Also the ones I keep getting are for Premium, not Metal


Nothing in here I haven’t read before, but if this is true then it sounds like Revolut is a particularly toxic place to work:

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I was just reading this article, if all this is true then it sounds terrible. Not sure how a company with such a high turnover could ever survive.

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Can’t read the whole article , but looks interesting, maybe all the fake trustpilot reviews were getting to them.


From the wired post:

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I can’t see Revolut lasting too long. Too toxic.

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