Revolut Feedback

(Jonathan) #882

What on earth?! $500m?!

They could sell Revolut to SoftBank instead

(Steve) #883

Sidenote but does anyone else find Revoluts UI to be incredibly hard to navigate, especially the currency converter?


I’m really eager to hear what valuation SoftBank is going to put on Revolut with a $500m investment. Not seen any speculation in the media, which is unusual. Maybe it’s very early stages.

Just intuition speaking here, but I can see this being a monster $5-10bn valuation.

Softbank are a loose cannon in the VC world - with a massive money pile reaching 11 digits they are piling billions into average (in my opinion) startups and early stage techs.

Revolut do not even need any money, let alone half a billion, Nikolay himself said they can launch anywhere in the world very cheaply and spread exponentially by word of mouth, so I’m sure they will have driven an extremely hard bargain with SoftBank knowing that they don’t really need money and SoftBank want to pump billions into any half decent opportunities.

I’d be shocked if it was below a $3bn valuation.


Not at all! The currency conversion could hardly be simpler.


Not at all! The currency conversion could hardly be simpler.

(Bruce) #887

Nope, to be fair it has a been a dream

(Jason Yau) #888

Would be nice to be able to deposit cash into the accounts, even though for most currencies it’s impossible. Buyback rates are terrible.


I’m so glad I closed my account with them ages ago now then! I found their customer service extremely poor, I had premium and the ‘priority support’ was absolutely shocking.


Doesn’t seem like Monzo support is much good either. I have found Revolut excellent in all respects.


People seem to have very different experiences. Mine with Revolut CS have always been bad. It would be interesting to see stats from a representative group of customers!

(Punit Mannari) #892

Revolut have not got a UK banking licence would I be correct?

(Is Santa here yet?) #893

Nope. They’re applying for one in Lithuania (but that’s been ongoing for a while) and an e money license in Luxembourg. They have an e money license in the U.K.

(Punit Mannari) #894

E money licence is not the same tho right…in terms of safety and complaints etc

(Punit Mannari) #895

From what I can see I have open a n26 account yesterday…they have a banking licence but with revolut I am not sure if I should stay with them…

(Is Santa here yet?) #896

There are still protections as they’re fully regulated but there’s just that bit more if they are a full, proper bank. Then deposit protection applies.
N26 is very early stages in the U.K. and has few features, I’d hold off a while if I was you, see how it develops


Are people actually closing their accounts over the hiring process? Lmao a good service is a good service regardless of how they get staff

(Is Santa here yet?) #898

Depends if you believe a company should act in an ethically and morally correct way. Most people do


I understand if the company did everything with their morals hat on they wouldn’t exist.

Capitalism only recognises one thing, money.

(Is Santa here yet?) #900

The company is only the sum of the people who run it. It’s not an sentient being. The way the company conducts itself is based on their values, not the demands of capitalism. Most companies realise that there’s a lot more than making money. I’m glad I don’t share your world view


My world view is realistic. If your company prioritises everything else before money, its doing it wrong. If you need to act sly and pretend to care about other things to get money, sure.

Values don’t pay your staff and provide service to your customer.