Revolut Feedback


A new revolut card got delivered for me a few days ago because mines expiring, same deal for a friend. I received a Visa card, whereas my friend received a MasterCard card??

We’re both in the UK… what gives?

(Kolok) #863

According do the Google pay website only Revolut MasterCards support Google pay not the visa ones , so I’m not gonna bother ordering unless I’ll get a MasterCard, but the app is showing the mastercard logo on the cards unlike chapuys screenshot.

(Kevyn) #864

As far as I am aware you receive the card and payment processor it shows in the app when you order the card.

If yours is the same blue/purple card but with the MasterCard logo, you should receive MasterCard. If it is just one of the Premium cards, as shown below, they will be MasterCards but will cost you a premium subscription.

(Kolok) #865

Thanks, it’s showing MasterCard in the app , so I’ll probably just order one .

Edit i ordered and it was a MasterCard as it shows full card numbers already in the app, but it has a 4 year expiry as opposed to most banks 3 year one, interesting.


The chance of you being able to use it for 4 years without being frozen out is small :wink:

(Matthew Phillips) #867

People seem to constantly have their accounts frozen, I have been a loyal customer of Revolut for a while and haven’t had an issue. In fact I’ve recently upgraded to Metal.


I have never had my account frozen either and it runs without a glitch, but the last time I had to verify funds to increase my limits (limits now abolished?), CS was so incompetent, they almost froze my account there and then over a misunderstanding on their part…, and the operator was remarkably rude as well… Ignorant and rude?! Glad I don’t rely on their service. It would be terrifying if I had serious money with them :scream:

(Matthew Phillips) #869

I keep a reasonable amount of money with them at the moment and it was more when I was working in Frankfurt, didn’t have a problem verifying funds then.

(Toby Toller) #870

Sounds like Revolut have been up to some pretty shady recruiting… :eyes:

(Harry) #871

That is awful!

Edit; This email from the “Head of Business Development” makes things even worse! How can you judge someone’s skill set from a task like this?!?! Ludicrous!

(Jack) #872

Don’t like this at all. Shocking imo.

Don’t know why they feel that it’s ok? Getting the unemployed to make them money by signing up hundreds of customers only to kick them to the curb.

(Thomas Horne) #873

What a disgusting way to treat anyone; I plan to follow the story and if it’s fully confirmed I’ll happily close my Revolut account due to this.


(Harry) #874

Me too!

(Kolok) #875

Wow this is disgusting,

The worst part is that the ‘task’ doesn’t show in anyway that the person is more qualified than another applicant


When something is so cheap it seems almost too good to be true, someone else is normally paying the price.

(Marcel Ruhf) #877

I’d say premium, metal and business account users - ranging from £6.99/month to £1000/month.

(Jack) #878

(Excited about Christmas) #879

Not wanting to reopen old wounds, but interesting that Revolut seem able to tweet they’re working on Apple Pay :thinking:


Please let’s not go there! :scream:


Revolut basically going to prove there are no ethics when it comes to money just like UK government.

They are going for Saudi investment essentially.