Revolut Feedback

(Valeri) #842

They have a promo with today - if you receive their spam emails, you can use the link there to get a free revolut card (have not checked the fine print since I already a revolut card)

(Tom ) #843

I saw someone with a Revolut card in the pub last night and instantly felt really sorry for them. It was a gut reaction. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


That’s interesting, actually. I’ve seen a ton of hot coral in the wild, a couple of Starling cards but never Revolut…

(Tom ) #845

First one. And I’m always on the lookout for other Fintechs.

(Jack) #846

I’m yet to see any other fintech cards in the wild besides Monzo.


That may be more to do with the fact it looks like you live on the set of the sound of music! :joy:

I’ve also never seen another fintech card in the wild!

(Jack) #848

Good point :sweat_smile:

(Valeri) #849

I have quite a few people around me using Revolut & Starling. But those are mostly expats. Monzo seem to be more popular with natives :slight_smile:

Oh and my partner uses curve but no other fin-techs. :man_shrugging:

(Andre Borie) #850

Surprisingly, I’ve seen a lot of Monzo & Revolut but not a single Starling card yet. :confused:

(Sacha) #851

I saw a Tandem card once.

Only once :grin:

Probably seen Starling a handful of times and Monzo at least weekly.