Revolut Feedback

(Valeri) #842

They have a promo with today - if you receive their spam emails, you can use the link there to get a free revolut card (have not checked the fine print since I already a revolut card)

(Tom ) #843

I saw someone with a Revolut card in the pub last night and instantly felt really sorry for them. It was a gut reaction. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


That’s interesting, actually. I’ve seen a ton of hot coral in the wild, a couple of Starling cards but never Revolut…

(Tom ) #845

First one. And I’m always on the lookout for other Fintechs.

(Jack) #846

I’m yet to see any other fintech cards in the wild besides Monzo.


That may be more to do with the fact it looks like you live on the set of the sound of music! :joy:

I’ve also never seen another fintech card in the wild!

(Jack) #848

Good point :sweat_smile:

(Valeri) #849

I have quite a few people around me using Revolut & Starling. But those are mostly expats. Monzo seem to be more popular with natives :slight_smile:

Oh and my partner uses curve but no other fin-techs. :man_shrugging:

(Andre Borie) #850

Surprisingly, I’ve seen a lot of Monzo & Revolut but not a single Starling card yet. :confused:

(Sacha) #851

I saw a Tandem card once.

Only once :grin:

Probably seen Starling a handful of times and Monzo at least weekly.

(Kevyn) #852

Just to add to the record because of the number of negative views.

I have a free Revolut account and had to contact support this morning about a failed deposit. Yes it is Sunday morning but reply was within a minute or 2, after negotiating with Rita the bot, and it was solved. Still have had nothing but good customer service.


I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about the metal cards on Twitter. I’ve seen them basically saying they’ve been waiting weeks for it and all they keep saying on Twitter is ‘a new batch will be arriving within a few weeks’

Maybe they should have held off the launch until they had a considerable amount ready?

Also I read if you upgrade to the metal plan and order a metal plan but then cancel the plan, you’ll still be charged £50 for the card.


Caveat emptor.
Clearly a vanity product designed to boost the bottom line a bit - what would you expect from that? :slight_smile:



Apparently France is trying to lure Revolut for a move there.



Without reading the article, do they have 1.3m customers across Europe or just UK?

Thought it’d be more

edit: I read the article and I’m now confused

‘and the customer base has trebled to 1.3 million (from 450,000).’

'Revolut now has close to three million users, ’

What am I missing?

(Marcel Ruhf) #859

I think the 1.3M figure would likely be valid for the end of their accounting period, whereas the ~3M figure represents the most recent figure.

(Kolok) #860

Has anyone ordered a physical Revolut card recently, did you get a MasterCard or visa?

Support couldn’t tell me, although they did reply quick for once.

(Kevyn) #861

Last time I ordered one it was a Visa card. That was about 6 months ago though.

Unless I am mistaken, the app does show you which card you are getting before you order it. Premium cards are still MasterCards.