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It looks like they are suggesting its 1% back on every transaction with the ‘See how much you could earn on your Metal payments’.

So if I’m spending on £1700 on general things like fuel, food, shopping etc they are going to credit £17 a month? Taking away the £120 premium yearly fee thats £84 profit?

It also has ‘Earn up to 1%’ so could be less.


(Jack) #823

Plus all the other expenses of the service though :confused: not sure how it balances out.


Ah, well it wasn’t in Legal terms but found the FAQ

How much is cashback?
1% outside Europe and 0.1% inside Europe.


(Jack) #825

Ouch, so basically nothing then? If you’re using it as your day to day card in the UK etc?


Indeed, moving the decimal that’s £1 for every £1000 spent.

(Andy) #827

I believe the 1% cash back is paid in Cryptocurrency so who knows what you get back.

EDIT: Fiat or cryptocurrency. Fiat was a new term for me :exploding_head:


I genuinely thought it would be a one off fee for the metal card (and a fee to replace). Sort of a vanity thing for people who get excited about stuff like this.

I didn’t realise it came with a monthly fee that just doesn’t seem worth it at all…?

(Jack) #829

seems like a marketing ploy rather than any benefit to the end user.

(Eve) #830

I’ve seen that promised since I signed up for Revolut years ago. This was one of the features I thought would set them apart from the others eg like credit card privileges, but nothing so far :disappointed: Revolut premium is quite useless for my needs at the moment and 24/7 support promised isn’t true

(Richard) #831

To be fair, if it’s the Aspire brand of airport lounge… you’re not missing much.

(Eve) #832

Oh, I was hoping it would cover more lounges :woman_shrugging:t2: but I guess it was too much to ask for even with a premium fee!


Not necessarily. According to TechCrunch, Revolut is simply passing on their share of the fee to the customer…

Every time you use your Revolut card, the company gets a fraction of the card processing fee from MasterCard or Visa. Card processing fees are much lower in Europe, that’s why Revolut can’t give you back more money in Europe.

(Jack) #834

Providing 0.1% cashback may be covered by the interchange fee. It wouldn’t cover the advertised 1% outside Europe though.

0.1% isn’t even worth advertising.


According to TechCrunch it would.
Interchange fees in the USA for instance are much higher than in Europe.
Which source are you citing to come to the conclusion it wouldn’t?

(Jack) #836

Sorry I forgot that it’s capped in the EU not worldwide :sweat_smile:. Yes I see what you mean now.

(Is Santa here yet?) #837

What does regulated mean?

(Christopher) #838



The problem is - what is Europe? Revolut has taken the widest possible definition.
Fees are capped in the EEA, not every country that could conceivably be called European, like Uzbekistan :joy:

Metal FAQ

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(Daniel White) #841

Nice to see that Revolut are equally as rude to the press (and prepared to lie to them) as they are to their customers!