Revolut Feedback

(Ben) #802

So more details of the Revolut Metal card have been announced.

  • Weights 18g
  • Looks to be coated with a black paint.
  • Has a £600 cash withdrawal amount abroad. (£200 on the free tier, £400 on the premium)
  • Free overseas medical insurance (also comes with premium)
  • Baggage and Flight delay compensation (also comes with premium)
  • Concierge (whatever that gives you?)
  • 1% cashback.

All for just £12.99 a month…

Anyone tempted?


I guess it really targets 2 audiences.

  1. Those who want the metal card and wouldn’t miss £120.
  2. Those who use their Revolut account a lot abroad.

Failing to see the value otherwise.

(Ben) #804

Same really.

I do like the idea of metal cards (because: gimmicks - honestly I’m a marketeers dream)…

But lotta dosh to get one.

(Jack) #805


May as well go with premium plan unless one of the reasons outlined by @nickh

If you use it a lot overseas what would the cut off be in terms of making your money back vs paying the 3% fee for ATM withdraws over the free limit?

I can’t see anyone wanting to pay £120 a year just for a metal card.


Bear in mind that if you are already paying for premium for the features, it’s only an extra £6 per month for the metal card (I think?)

If there were other things like device insurance etc, I could potentially see the benefit - Although virtually impossible to regulate in different countries I’d guess.

(Richard) #807

Yup… i’m in this camp… To be fair, I actually quite like the idea of a metal card, patiently waiting to see N26’s offering when they arrive on these shores.

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #808

They’ll let your cleaner in?
Take your shirt to the laundry?

(Richard) #809

I imagine it might be a travel booking service… or something similar.

Edit: taken from the telegraph…

The “metal” card, so called because it will be made mostly of steel, offers a concierge service that can book restaurants or concert tickets for the user and will eventually give cheaper access to airport lounges.

So… not travel booking…

(Andre Borie) #810

Is booking concert tickets or restaurants really a big problem? To me it seems extremely easy and not worth outsourcing to someone else.

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #811

Maybe offering a pointless service is cheap. Might be worth signing up and getting them to order you JustEat orders for you :joy:

(Andre Borie) #812

getting them to order you JustEat orders for you

Would I even trust Revolut to do this properly? Knowing their CS I’m sure they will find a way to screw this up. :joy:


It’s not the easy ones that the concierge helps with - it’s the difficult to get tickets, at sold out venues or busy restaurants.

Amex plat (the proper one not the credit card) offers concierge. They could get me tickets to the New Year fireworks in London on the day - for a price. Tickets had been sold out for weeks.

Amex have a lot of sway with restaurants, it’s rumoured they hold tables at some of the most desirable.

(Andre Borie) #814

Is the Revolut concierge just as good though? Is there a way to “rate” those services and actually see what they can deliver, outside of paying and trying for yourself (and ending up stranded when you realize your “concierge” is no good)?


I would trust revolut concierge about as far as I could spit one of them

(Sacha) #816

I like the look of the metal card but that’s about it. I might pay £10-£20 for a luxury version of my debit card but really don’t see the value in their offering here.

(Kolok) #817

The metal card picture has a MasterCard logo on it so does the pics when you order an additional physical card but virtual ones are visa, I thought they stopped issuing MasterCard.

(Ben) #818

So Revolut do do phone insurance - and if you are a Metal member, you get a whopping 20% off… Had a quick look for an iPhone X - £6.25 (£5 for Metal) a month, with a £75 excess.

But you’ve gotta be seriously hammering the other premium services for it to be valuable.

(Katrina) #819

Their premium card is Mastercard. The one that costs a one-off £4.99 (often with special offers to get it for free) is Visa.


I like the 1% cashback idea. Can Monzo do that? :pray: :thinking:

(Jack) #821

Cashback is a loss leader for banks, they just use profits elsewhere to prop it up.
Due to this I can’t see Monzo providing general cashback unless they had agreements from certain merchants who say to Monzo all customers who buy such a product from us gets 1% off which Monzo then pass on.