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I’m saving up Euros, and keeping them in Fineco, an Italian bank that offers its services to UK customers and in English.

They also offer a USD account, however, I don’t think it is as good as the Euro account as they don’t offer a debit card for it, and as far as I’m aware, they don’t support ACH transfers.

HSBC and Barclays both offer USD accounts. Again, no debit card, and bank transfers cost $6 each. I believe they do support ACH transfers.

Maybe other people can offer suggestions, as I haven’t really looked at the USD market.


Have a look at Transferwise Borderless account. It offers the USD account with wire routing number and ACH routing number. You don’t need to have the US address. The address for the account will be Transferwise’s American HQ address.

Transferwise don’t have a banking licence so no FSCS protection but it would be safer than leaving your finances solely in Revolut’ hands :scream:

You can get their Mastercard debit card which will be useful to spend directly from your USD balance without Transferwise’s conversion fees. They are slightly more expensive than Revolut with an odd fee here and there but with their good CS they are great option in my opinion.


I’ve just been invited to ‘Perks Beta’. Seems after I use my card 10 times I unlock a perk which seems to be a discount off of something. I’ve scrolled up a little and couldn’t see it mentioned before. Anybody else know much more about this?


For their metal card, 0.1% cashback is rumoured on European spending and 1% elsewhere. I haven’t heard about the type of discount you’ve mentioned.


Their terms mention them:


It looks like a cashback limited to certain retailers or service providers designated by Revolut. If you spend with Revolut card in Europe, you will have to spend a small fortune to earn anything substantial :open_mouth:


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You’ve scared her away!

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Videos are cool and all but honestly most (all?) complaints about Revolut are due to things that can’t be done in the app and thus require customer support intervention, so video ain’t gonna solve anything there.


They’re up to something…

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I bet it is either they have their banking licence or the launch of their trading platform. They asked customers for their opinions a few weeks ago by email.


My bet would be Revolut Metal.
I’d be impressed if it was a banking licence or Apple Pay.
It’s highly unlikely to be the trading platform given their latest blog on this asking for patience:

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The email l just received suggests it’s Revolut Metal

I redesigned the Monzo Debit Card! What are your thoughts?

In a world of mobile payments Revolut is launching a heavy card :joy: the only plus I can see is that it might be recyclable :recycle:

Got this email today.

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I’m quite happy to stick with the lighter plastic card. Besides, will it work in cash machines?


Card? What’s that. Is that like some manual form of Apple Pay?

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Looking at the video for it here

I definitely don’t need this but my inner magpie finds it hard to resist


Here in Portugal the only thing you need to get an AMEX platinum is a stable income of about 1000€ month and be willing to pay the 75€ anual fee, so much cheaper than Revolut Metal and certainly more prestigious if that’s what you’re looking for

Doesn’t seem to be much thought put into somewhat harmonizing the requirements across different countries

Edit: as for the Revolut forum, they heavily censor it. Stopped posting there as a lot of posts would never get published without any notice or explanation from them. And when I tried to create a topic simply saying a lot of my posts weren’t showing up and it would be nice to at least get some email or other communication stating what the problem they have with my posts might be, that also never got published