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I Revolut has already opened office in Singapore and they have been hiring staff for Singaporean operations for some time.

N26 is only available in Eurozone countries and there are still several non-euro states in Eastern Europe, some of them with large populations.

True about Singaporeans without passports. Not travelling from Singapore is almost like living all your life in one city! I went to Singapore two months ago for the first time and loved open air food courts at night. I can’t remember their names but choice of food and atmosphere were something to die for.:grin:


Try KL next, it’s the same thing for 1/5th of the price :wink:

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The sass :joy:

Wow, I’ve entirely missed this. They’ve already gotten a banking license here??

Yeah, I think you would have to be destitute to not travel at all. Singapore is half the size of London, for reference.
Even Johor is only a short drive away for cheap gas, food, groceries, and staycations :joy: glad you liked the food. @TTJJ might sass us for being expensive but local food is still pretty cheap :+1:t3:


I don’t think so. They are just preparing for the launch. I guess they will position Singapore as a hub for their Asian operations.


Does N26 allow people to open an account in the UK
So no real competition in this context


There are many customers in the UK who have opened accounts with them using family or friends addresses abroad, but it is still an insignificant proportion of their overall customer base



But to be absolutely simplistic

As a UK citizen you cannot open a N26 account and as such I do not except them as a competitor to Revolut who do allow UK citezen to open accounts

If it’s not available then it simply does not count


As a UK resident you cannot…

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To be fair, that’s almost true! :rofl:


I love Monzo and use it as my main account - Revolut doesn’t compete well here.

But revolut business, is pretty good. FX fees are next to zero and I don’t mind paying £25 a month for the privilege. Our business does a lot of USD/EUR transactions so it’s really worthwhile.

If Monzo had a business account, it’s a place where they can easily make revenue. Businesses are happy to pay for accounts with great features.


Your comment pretty much explains why Revolut broke even months ago. Their freemium business model works out great for them in therms if generating profits. Their premium and business accounts easily offset costs incurred by serving some standard plan’s heavy users. They never nudge you towards behaving in certain ways to save them money, either.

They are finacially successuful and in my opinion Monzo should not be afraid to adopt some of their business soultions to become profitable in a shorter period of time than anticipated at present.



Got that slightly wrong

Clive H


Interesting read…


Financial Times: Revolut reports suspected money laundering on its system.

(Google :point_up:️ if direct link doesn’t work)

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I guess this is always a challenge for fast growing financial startups. At least they are getting on top of it.
They will always be a target.

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Just read the article… nothing out of the ordinary here - they found some suspicious activities and reported it… how did that even made the news?

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What’s everyone’s view on Revolut social media? Came across this today… :sweat_smile:

I’ve noticed they can be quite blunt with customers sometimes like in a sarcastic way.
This is a very interesting way to react to an unhappy customer though :sweat_smile:


Thats one way to get a point across!!! some people just amaze me haha


Noticed one of the replies to that tweet was that Google pay is coming to Revolut.


Revolut released Google Pay on Wednesday, which works flawlessly. Right now, only their MasterCards can be enrolled on it though with the wider rollout coming soon. Apple Pay is also imminently releasing, first in France though.

Under ‘Coming Soon’: