Revolut Feedback

Just got an email from VOXI:

Get more from your money with VOXI x Revolut
As a VOXI customer, you’re obviously pretty clever with your cash, so we’ve partnered with money gurus Revolut to bring you an offer we know you’ll love.

If you are new to Revolut, join today and get an exclusive £20 in cash once you spend a minimum of £1 using your new Revolut account*, plus 2 months of free Revolut Premium – loaded with exclusive extras and travel perks. Be quick! Offer is only available until 31st August.


Combo I use for travel Voxi & Revolut!

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“Storonsky goes public over frustration with FCA”

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Little hard to comment on this when we dont know why. There may be a very valid reason for them to be taking their time. We simply dont know.


Switched from voxi the second they announced roaming charges were returning.

Do you travel often enough to warrant the change?

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Yeah I had to buy an add on last time as couldn’t get my hands on a local SIM - at least I could.

TTM Mobile offered nada

Oh yes I travel around 5 times a year and my current plan is only £4 for 12gb. Voxi charge £4 for just two days of roaming in Europe.

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Ah yeah that’s pretty steep then :sweat_smile:

Who do you use abroad now?

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Not sure if many have seen this in Revolut. No authing payments every time.

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I do like Revolut’s clever little solves for regulatory annoyances. Don’t know if they get away with it because they’re not a bank yet, or these things would still fly even if they were but they have their head firmly in the game for the most part, solving the problems that are actually problems for me in ways that are actually useful. They do this better than most if not everyone when they set their mind to it.


I just really don’t enjoy the app. Too very over here over there tap this tap that.

Needs an overhaul and it could be one of the better bunch.


Agreed. Revolut has become pretty much everything I, and others, wished for in Monzo. So many requested features on this forum exist as products in Revolut. When it becomes a bank, and if the regulators allow it to keep these little details, it’ll fly, and Monzo will have a fight on its hands.


On this particular instance I’m pretty sure it’ll fly even for a bank. Amex does the same. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it with one of my debit cards too, but since I essentially never use them I can’t remember which one.

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What happens with fraud if you’ve whitelisted somewhere?

Say I add Tesco to my list and then someone uses my card details, is it my fault because I’ve turned off the extra security?

If you still get the same protection I’d be adding every place I use!

Given that banks have to refund you if you send money to a scammer even despite the thousand screens screaming at you after every step to stop and think; are you sure, like really really sure? But one more time, are you definitely sure? My bet is on yes, they will be forced to by the regulator whether that’s right or not


Amex have this. It’s only for up to 100 merchants and they need to be within the EU/UK. They will still text you a code if the transaction appears unusual and you’re protected as normal against fraud.

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In short, this is not always the case. Each is reviewed and a decision is made from there.

I think it also plays a part if it’s your fault.

If you leave your card on the side and the PIN number is written on it then that’ll be classed are carelessness if someone took it but if you got your card cloned then it’s different.