Revolut Feedback

Anyone else getting really annoyed by the Revolut notifications for their stupid points? :rage:

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I took a part in their point game :grin:

1st week with 8k points won Β£ :zero:

2nd week with 3k points won Β£ :one: :sunglasses:
It will take a few working days to receive :pound:

One whole pound?

Yes :sweat_smile:
Shopping time for me :shopping_cart::shopping::sunglasses:

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A little update from Revolut today :face_with_monocle:

The idea of GiveWell is fantastic!

I like new Transfer timeline :+1:t3:

It’s more useful if your payment to someone else is late to arrive :face_with_monocle:


Having made a huge splash in banking, Revolut is now coming for Expedia!

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Looking at the T&Cs they are using Expedia to provide the service.


So a company using a company to book with a company? :laughing:


Provides me with a little reassurance knowing there’s a proper travel company doing the heavy lifting, but at the same time I guess this is cancelled out by not knowing who’s at fault when there’s a problem.

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Not them, obviously. Most likely yourself.

It must be the most amazing experience working in the Revolut customer services dept

Same issue with their share trading.

Revolut to offer 0.15% interest to standard cardholders, according to AltFi.


Further from AltFi

The fintech is offering 0.15 per cent interest on cash up to Β£85,000, a hair higher than its closest competitors Monzo and Starling which offer rates of 0.10 per cent (on Monzo’s easy access pot) and 0.05 per cent (on Starling’s current account) respectively.

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Got an email from revolut,

We’re issuing a select group of customers with a shiny new virtual debit card. Your new virtual debit card comes with a new card number and increased acceptance at merchants. We’re sure you’ll love it!

If after these years between monzo and revolut they haven’t managed to get merchants to reliably update their BIN databases and revolut think it’s easier to migrate then is there hope?

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Why would it have increased acceptance? :thinking:

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I wonder what’s so different in those debit cards apart acceptance? :thinking:

Do a new virtual card looks same as other ones (sky blue) ?

Got mine a few months back. Fairly sure the only real change was a switch from Visa to Mastercard.

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