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People are exaggerating a little here. I noticed the payments weren’t showing and messaged them, they immediately told me there was a known problem and my transaction feed would be updated the next day. It was and I got an in app notification confirming this, the merchants all got the money on the day that was intended.

That said, I do usually jump on anything like this to go after complaint money regardless of how bothered I was. I’m still within the relevant timeframes, so perhaps I will :joy:


I’m not sure they will ever get a banking license here, from memory they’ve been waiting 3-4 years for this and there’s evidently some issue that isn’t being fixed/solved.

They said last year it was pretty much round the corner/about to happen and it hasn’t. In that time Chase has come in and set up, whilst it has been here before and is a huge US bank, they seem to have easily ticked all the boxes.

Given the slower nature other banks and fintechs have come up with credit products in the mean time I can’t see mortgages coming from
Revolut other than with a 3rd party provider perhaps

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Don’t Chase just use the JP Morgan banking licence?


KYC and Revolut a match made in heaven lol :pray::pray:

Revolut pushed some elements around in Saving pots

Brough back a timeline in Crypto

Nothing major :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


New design virtual cards.
Only the virtual cards for sole accounts are shown in app at the moment (for me), not joint.
But the Apple Pay card has updated so I assume the Joint account and maybe Credit, Pro and other cards have an update too


Looking sus :eyes:


Oh my - I am dumbfounded. I put my complaint in like you @Carlo1460 they rejected it saying May 1st was a bank holiday and hence the delay. I have sent them a screenshot and told them the Ombudsman probably won’t look kindly on using an imaginary bank holiday as an excuse!


Yikes :worried: that’s pretty shit.


“ > After reviewing your case, I took the time to carefully investigate your complaint and the interactions you had with our support team via in-app chat and I can confirm that the information provided by our support team was correct. Allow me to further explain that the disruptions were related to the 1st of May 2024 being a bank holiday. As it is not considered a business day, many companies decide to process the payments that are due on the bank holiday on the following business day. Furthermore, we receive the payment instructions directly from the beneficiary, this information is in line with clause 14 of our Terms and Conditions which reads as follows:

“A direct debit is any payment which is collected from your account by the person you are making the payment to. The difference between a direct debit and other payments is that a direct debit is collected by the person you are paying (instead of being initiated by you). The person you are paying must have your permission to do this.

Direct debits are set up by the person you are paying and their bank. Their bank will contact us to tell us that you have given your permission for the direct debit. They will determine the amount of the payment and contact us to collect it too.

My response:

“You might want to check the calendar and reconsider this:

May 6th was a bank holiday but May 1st certainly was not!!! See below (screenshot of UK bank holidays)

The payments delayed on May 1st were caused by a transfers issue which were documented on your service status page.

You have got this totally wrong so I advise you go back over this as I am not sure the ombudsman would take well to you using a bank holiday as an excuse for payment delays when the bank holiday was actually on May 6th!!

Frankly, the fact I have had to point basic dates out to you contributes to my complaint.”

I am stunned!


The circus, it seems, continues.


This time, I have to concede to you…

If they didn’t offer such a fantastic exchange rate for moving lots of currency around, I still wouldn’t use them for anything serious. I hope you get this resolved!

Why not use Wise? Surely Revolut can’t beat them…

Wise is the same as revolut in theory.

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I get paid in USD as a contractor and after crunching all the numbers the best rate comes from using Revolut + Metal vs Wise and the percentage it takes. But Wise would be my second choice and I trust them more!

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In a way I wish I didn’t complain - I did it for some free cash and was satisfied with how they solved it real time. But you should give feedback when things go wrong. They dropped a clanger there though & haven’t replied to me yet.

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1st May is a bank holiday in European countries & so I wonder if Revolut were using that as the reasoning or they just don’t account for UK Bank holidays.

Not even sure why anyone would run their direct debits through a company that’s not a bank - but each to their own!