Revolut chat

Yes, confirmed we just tested it.
My partner had to update their app to the latest version (same as mine for it to work).

We can see the custom categories synced across us both, and also editing the note synced across.

I will test the full budgeting functionality later as well and see if this syncs, I assume if the categories and notes are coming across then budgeting probably works too :+1:

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Also, I’ll try and upload a receipt too and see if this syncs.
I think ‘upload’ in Revolut transaction terms used to mean an image was linked on your device and not actually uploaded externally. It will be interesting to see if this has changed though

Indeed :grin:
Otherwise, it’s not very useful to “attach” files knowing it on your device :expressionless:

Finally, Revolut improved Insights, so can see income too :relieved:


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I missed on that :sweat_smile::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

FYI. But I’m not on Test mode :grin:

Revolut <18 (kids) account has just been updated. I’ve used these in the past for 2x KiddoW’s but with one KiddoW now having a :monzo: 16-17 account, I’m holding out for the :monzo: kids account for the younger KiddoW (who is currently using an Algbra account/card)

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What changed with the <18?

I don’t have so can’t see much other than the standard blurb.

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Basically round-ups.

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Well that’s some advancements!


We don’t appear to have a ’Revolut in the media’ thread, but if we did this would belong there.

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Blimey, they’re not sitting on the fence.

This letter should serve as a wake-up call to anyone who has a significant sum held in a ­Revolut account. My advice would be to move your balance to a conventional bank as quickly as possible … Other customers should take note of how this company operates.


No refund this time, the papers said take to the ombudsman and get a solicitor due to the amount.

Also said move to a bank signed up to the contingent reimbursement scheme - which I think also doesn’t guarantee a refund if proven otherwise like the selfie to auth access etc.

Revolut did say they received a selfie to gain access to the account which is bizarre.

They could simply show that data to the ombudsman and case thrown out.


I do like this new “upcoming” addition.

Hopefully works for direct debits and bacs too :pray:t3:

Also added merchant data for direct debits (or at least one I just moved over) :raised_hands:t3:





Your transaction list is a bit close to home :joy:


They’re on my doorstep that’s why :joy:

Also like to grab the yellow labels from coop, get some good deals sometimes.

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You are quite a fan of Revolut aren’t ya, do you perfer it over Monzo?


Question of the century.

I like both, they’re not too far apart (ignoring banking licence).

I find revolut easier to read, never really had any issues with them, the cards are nice, Pockets work the same way as Pots.

Virtual cards, single use cards, and card payments from Pots are free.

Never needed support for anything major but they have always been quick at responding, generally in full, when I have needed them.

FX rates have undercut monzo and chase when I’ve been away (only slightly; ignoring Chase cashback).

The app is fairly simple for me (some find it overwhelming, but once you know what you’re looking for over time it becomes less confusing).

Not had the ability to use bill splits yet but having seen it elsewhere it’s been aligned with Monzo. This is probably the main driver for Monzo as more people have it than revolut.

Revolut has Paid Early, and it’s made automatically around 5pm the working day before it’s actually due.

Don’t think I’ve ever had any merchant acceptance issues.

Never been banned, reviewed, account frozen etc, nor had any issues with delayed payments (unless notified in advance within the app there might be some delays - all banks have this generally).

My biggest gripe is the time direct debits and standing orders are made on revolut, they happen throughout the day or usually around 11am on the due date whereas majority of banks do it early hours of the morning.

And then some LINK machines decide a £3.99 cash withdrawal fee ok when bank cards etc are free, I don’t get charged at normal cash points.


Nice reply. I agree with many of your points, going by them do you consider revolut as your main account?