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Part of me wonders if it was the huger growth Monzo had over many other fintech banks when it started so it became suddenly common with a side of panic, the card kinda exploded. Originally the card may have not worked as it was a prepaid card so online only confirmation for purchases.

In my circle of people up and down the UK Monzo is common, Rev is rare and starling occurs between the 2, where I live now I dont think I know one person here who has a Rev account.

I love how you come at me and @Carlo1460 for referencing and speculating about Monzo in our in defence of Revolut posts several posts up.

And yet here you are, speculating about Monzo in the Revolut thread. :roll_eyes:


Ahh back looking for a argument again. Off you go… shoo. If you don’t realise why I replied (and mentioned rev) then it’s your issue.

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Are there any concrete figures for actual usage as opposed to accounts opened? I’m sure I saw some a few years back. Maybe in the annual reports? If memory serves, it was a very low percentage.

I don’t know if Rev or monzo post monthly active users in reports to be honest. Without that it’s all speculation based on experience I guess.
Without having both it’s impossible to compare although being honest if it was hugely high they would both be shouting about it, any fintech would.

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I think this would cause more concern than good.

Why does monzo have 8 million customers but only 2 million actually use them fully? What’s the beef?

It’s probably not the most practical metric to air publicly, frequently.

I didn’t even know they were coming for me to be fair :no_mouth: tend to skip over stuff I feel isn’t a direct target. I’d have to go up and read what was said :melting_face:


Given auditors have access to the banks records and key staff, it is a coded way of saying Revolut’s records were not up to scratch.

Similarly, when it comes to publishing annual reports, the deadline is a legal requirement - it’s not optional or a case of “accuracy over lateness”.

If a firm can’t do it within the legal deadline (which is 9 months after the accounting period), then they have internal issues with their records - not good for any institution - especially a financial organisation.

As an example of how delayed accounts and irregularities can be, consider where Revolut could be on this timeline: Timeline: The rise and fall of Wirecard | Reuters

Just to stress, it is VERY worrying that a financial institution has missed deadlines not once but twice already and that the auditors couldn’t locate a whole bunch of money.

Not sure that’s what is said but ok.

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It does take some translation for sure. In some ways though it’s more worrying that they say some information may be “materially misstated”. For that to be said about an outfit that offers banking services is really worrying. Basically they’re saying that Revolut may be lying about their accounts. Mind you, not being able to verify three quarters of their revenue is also far from good.

In short, you’re way braver than I am to use them as your main bank.


I’ve taken the plunge back to monzo for now, cashback and less money shuffling, along with Plus for other account following making it less stressful.

Monzo = cashback and salary
Chase = cashback where Monzo can’t be applied
Lloyds = household bills


Why not Chase for the household bills? I find that being able to pay the DDs from a savings account seriously simplified things for me.

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Im not sure on Chase yet, it serves a little purpose in terms of cashback, the rest is moot until my situation improves.


I’m guessing the UK didn’t get a Black Friday metal promotion? :melting_face:

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Few new options in the budget section of the app (I’ve not personally noticed before).

I don’t see that yet :sweat_smile:

But, finally, after maaaany app updates, I can edit custom categories :smirk:

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Still can’t add credits to categories to balance spending, nor edit linked account categories :weary:

Really? :sweat_smile: