Revolut chat

Need insurance? :grin:

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Is that live?

Anyone seen an update on Ultra?

I thought that it was going to be out in the Spring (an admittedly flexible term).


Black box insurance. No thanks :joy:

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The terms say this,

you must receive an invitation to register to the Revolut Ultra Plan Waitlist between 01:00 UTC 10 December 2022 and 23.59 UTC 30 September 2023

The end date might indicate their expected timeframe, although the end date is probably a bad case scenario.


Given that they’re only just working out what to include in it I’m guessing 30 September sounds about right. It would’ve been nice to get an update though…


This article is about the Irish market.

I’m sure I recall them saying it would be available in spring too!

Edit: yep, spring


This “delay” annoys :grimacing:
Still, I doubt I’ll be upgrading from Metal as don’t need travel lodge discounts, etc.

My Revolut is crypto investment account, not a travel buddy :thinking:


I’d love some hotel discounts tbh

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Probably spring 2024 at this rate.


GBP transfer maintenance today at 4pm, for around 15 minutes :grimacing:
Not able to printscreen :flushed:

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Still alive :grimacing:

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:joy: Emma are yes! Was using you as an example of the types of apps that have been disappearing from the App Store over the last year!* Cleo, Yolt and Oval off the top of my head!

Reading back though, can see how it reads like I was saying Emma have gone too! My bad!

*I don’t actually know if these apps were aggregators, we just had them listed as money management apps alongside Emma in our annual banking on iOS beta wikis.


MoneyDashboard also got acquired by ClearScore.

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Is MoneyDashboard still a thing? I deleted it after the acquisition - credit reference agencies don’t need any more of my data.

I don’t think they have made a single update.

Clearscore is using it to launch a B2B proposition.


It’s still on the App Store! There are two versions though, so I’ve kept it on the list for the upcoming wiki on Monday.

What is this wiki of which you speak?

(And yes, there’s the old version which was a screen scraper product, and Neon which was the new open banking one).

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