Revolut Chat

Pro opened smoothly for me. Nice white card.

Gone off them for now as having few declines randomly.

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Can you just make up a business? I.e I sell the odd thing on marketplace?

I’d guy it should be fine. They’d make a risk assessment when you’re going through the application


All set up - I’m going to try to set a direct debit up from it…

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First agent said it would work, second said it wouldn’t,

Classic Revolut support haha

Yeah their CS leaves a lot to be desired

From what I’ve seen, Pro doesn’t come with the white card. That’s Rev Business (although there is a free business tier too). You sure you’ve signed up for Pro?

Business is Pro in the UK?

Which I got a white card for after setting up my business.

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The new Pro is a hybrid, found within the personal app, not the business app. It comes with a new card design based on the blue and purple palette, and not white.

Fairs, I didn’t realise it was two things.

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It is quite confusing. I’m guessing Pro might disappear from the business app at some point.

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That’s my Pro white card :sweat_smile:


White was there on Pro, then it went. I’m assuming they ran out.


I like it, and the 1%, but nothing to gain on it yet as it came up with a message at some point saying be sure it’s only business spends on it :slightly_frowning_face:

Wish they’d do 1% with metal.

It’s vague - I have no idea what would cause the account to be restricted.

I meant, I could try it out but I’d possibly lose my account in full and I’d rather not :joy:

I told them to close it and got a dreaded you’re account has been restricted email about Pro lol.

My account is fine. I was just hoping to use it as a separate place to pay direct debits as I have one I can’t get set back up with Revolut.

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Remember, you can only use your Revolut Pro account for business purposes. This applies to your Revolut Pro card as well; it must only be used for business spending. If you use your Pro card for personal spending, we may reverse any cashback you have received and close both your Retail and Pro accounts.

Don’t you have to ask revolut to cancel the full original direct debit agreement in the background before you can set it up again?

Or is that another process/bank I’m confused with? :joy:

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I was going to make up some BS about the direct debit being for business purposes lol. Second agent confirmed I can’t use it for DD tho.

The issue is the mandate needing to be resubmitted under a new reference - other merchants have done it but Amex can’t. It’s a problem on Modulr/Revolut’s side really as other banks seem able to reset up DD’s under the same reference.

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Ah I was there somewhere :sweat_smile:

Wonder if revolut goes full bank, could they ditch modulr and do it properly in-house.