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Yeah, that’s the standard. Although I think I’ve had a few where if you close online you enter the details of your other account as you close - important for interest bearing accounts where there needs to be a final calculation at the time of closure.


Even for an account that had 2p in!

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Does this include a full CASS switch, or just a manual close? You can switch from Revolut, right?. ignore me

That’s a good point. CASS is all about transferring things over. But I don’t think Revolut Support CASS yet…


I think Revolut would need to be a bank first… :thinking:


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So Revolut is now censoring criticism by deleting threads and messages, or locking them.

I’ve been using Revolut for more than 1 year, became a Premium user fairly quickly, and grew displeased with their service from most respects, from technical to customer support. It seems like a great product at first, but then turned into more hassle, to say the least. Some details of my experience with Revolut can be found in the links below.

First criticism - double spends, withheld funds, failed top-ups and payments:

  1. Charged twice for a unsuccessful airplane ticket payment - #39 by foobar - Revolut Community (saved PDF version, 2018-08-11, my post starts on page 10)

Second criticism - absent customer support

Created a thread about absent customer support that my wife had been battling after having her account (and hence funds) locked when trying to top-up:

  1. Account locked. Customer support? Deplorable. More than 60h, and counting. - Feedback - Revolut Community (saved PDF version, 2018-08-11)

Third criticism - censoring (resulted in even more censoring)

I wanted to update the above 2nd thread with new information, but noticed that Revolut deleted at least my last message in this thread, then locked and archived the thread. The post simply said, from memory (which is not fuzzy):

Seems I should have posted a Reddit review as well

Yesterday I created a 3rd thread to complain about this censoring attitude, titled “Thread locked and posts deleted … really?”:


After about 1h the thread was already accumulating Likes (I saw 4) but today, less than 24h later, I noticed Revolut has deleted the thread entirely. The thread was saying, from memory (still fresh):

I posted this: Account locked. Customer support? Deplorable. More than 60h, and counting. - Feedback - Revolut Community

I was about to post an update regarding the situation, when I noticed that at least one of my messages in there was deleted, and the thread was locked and archived. The message that was deleted said “I guess I should have posted a Reddit review as well”, nothing more.

It’s great to see Revolut embracing free speech and criticism. Congrats.

Should I now be worried that my account will be banned and blocked too?

Right. I was already not relying on Revolut after all the instances of account blocking, failed payments and top-ups, withheld funds, and very poor customer service … but censoring criticism is a new level. Sure, my messages were critical, though not as critical as others I’ve seen on their forums, and did not contain foul language. I would have normally followed up by sending a letter to the CEO, but this censoring is indicative of a concerning (to be polite) company attitude and policy, given their forum moderators are Revolut employees, not volunteers.

I’m posting about it here in order to raise awareness and because it would have been be deleted again had I re-posted in Revolut’s forums. I may now actually post a Reddit thread, and may still write a letter to the CEO. This time I did save and printed threads 1. and 2.

I maintain the opinions I expressed in 1. and 2. above, about Revolut as a company and product, and now I can add further disappointment seeing Revolut trying to hide the extent of the problems surrounding their product, services and company. How much further could Revolut have strayed from their own motto “better than your bank”? … hopefully they don’t take this rhetorical question as a challenge.

EDIT: Reddit posts made:

Also, googling “Revolut censoring” finds similar reports. Feel free to spread the word in the interest of awareness.


Hi @foobar :wave: I’ve moved your post over to the revolut feedback thread to keep the discussion in one place.

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Hi @foobar I had seen your posts on Revolut community forum before you joined Monzo forum. Revolut have become a parody of themselves. In response to the lack of transparency in banking they came up with a business model that is less transparent than the one they challenge! :joy:



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Revolut Metal beta. I am curious what cashback Revolut can offer with the existing cap on card fees? :thinking:

I am pretty positive it is going to make them quite a few quid. There are plenty of people around who just love metal cards :joy::joy::joy:


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That MasterCard logo :heart_eyes:


That’s what I am talking about! People just love premium cards :grinning:


What is the card cost/monthly fee?

Edit - I see the £12 fee.

Is there a monthly cost?

It does look slick! Bit not worth paying for IMO, It’s a bit gimmicky, if they kept it for their premium customers fair enough.
What happens if you loose it do you have to pay another £11?!

Cashback will be interesting to see, I imagine that will be popular, is that reserved for their premium customers?

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OMG it’s Anne!


Anney :grin:

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I’d like a metal card, I’d even pay for one but would I use it… no coz I don’t want to carry other cards and Apple Pay init

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Metal Subscription Fees

If paying monthly
(payable monthly in arrears) If paying annually
(payable annually in advance)
£12.99 / €13.99 / 15.99USD / 15.99CHF / 49.99PLN / 109.99DKK / 139.99NOK / 139.99SEK / 54.99RON / 299.99CZK £120.00 / €135.00 / 160.00USD / 160.00CHF / 500.00PLN / 1000.00DKK / 1300.00NOK / 1300.00SEK / 500.00RON / 3000CZK

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What do you get for that?

Is it the same as the premium plan? or extra on top?!