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See the post above. Basically explains what I was getting at. I’m not very good at explaining what I mean in this regard.

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A redesign to dispel the clunk in version 5.0:


I’m liking what I’ll call their version of the pulse graph, looks clean and fresh with the white background and blue line.
Also looks smoother than Monzo’s implementation.

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I’ve also noticed this, hopefully they take note.
I did mention some bugs about it here:

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So for reasons that weren’t rational, I had a negative emotional response to Revolut. I didn’t understand the product and, from second hand accounts, I wasn’t keen on some of their comms or their approach to business.

I did want to make up my own mind from direct experience, although I didn’t want to pay for the pleasure. So when I saw that the affiliate link in Money Saving Expert got you a free card I downloaded the app.

My initial thoughts aren’t positive.

Aesthetically, the app is good (maybe slicker than Monzo in places) but I noticed a good few dark patterns - little nudges to try to get you to pay for the Premium product. Actually, more than a nudge - had I not been particularly alert I think I could have signed up for the premium account without realising what I was doing. Not cool.

Then I tried to get my card. No free option. This is after sign up, transfer of money in, identity check etc. Hmm. :thinking:

So I thought I’d just transfer my money out. Transfer takes up to 24 hours. Currently my money is neither in Revolut nor Monzo. A faster option was available. Upon payment of a fee. :thinking:

While waiting for my money to materialise, I thought I’d contact support to find out about the free card malarkey. This happened:


I get they have high volumes - but 12 hours?! :thinking:

I’m not sure this is working out for me, to be honest…


They need to work on their emoji usage. That’s poor


I was far too angry about their use of emoji to mention it.

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Pretty double anything that it says in regards to wait time. Top-ups are broken pretty much constantly which was my initial complaint that lead to me being told to get a life.

Incidentally I’ve heard absolutely nothing about that despite prompting several times. I’ve done from being told to wait 1-2 business days to 5-7 business days and now I’m on 15 business days.


Which bank is going to respond to your query after 11pm at night? :face_with_monocle:

Monzo and Starling - and Revolut, since they offer 24/7 support.


I’ve mentioned this before on the thread, no matter how good the variety of features they might provide they really need to improve the chat system. Customer service is something that really makes or breaks a first impression. It keeps disconnecting and I probably messaged them at a bad time (when they gave out lots of free card deliveries) but I was told to wait 48 hours.


Revolut don’t offer 24/7 support on their free tier. Even worse: imagine you requested help at 9am, and they finally get to you at 4.50 pm. Come 5pm they’ll just cut you off in the middle of your chat, and you’ll have to joint the queue again and start all over again.

At least that’s how it was last time i tried. It may of course have changed now…


NatWest, Barclays, Lloyds, RBS, M&S, Bank of Scotland, Halifax, First Direct, Santander and Nationwide (and Monzo and Starling)

Nationwide pretty much invented 24/7 twitter help years ago.


I think they changed it 24/7 support for everyone about 5 months ago, although premium members still get priority support.


Oh, I didn’t know that. That’s certainly good news!


So then why when I’ve messaged Monzo in-app literally 3 weeks ago in-app in the evening I didn’t get a response till the next day? You’re seriously telling me Monzo have live agents who work nights… are they based in a U.K. call centre?

Yes they do

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Yes. London, Cardiff and remote workers (as far as I remember)

I’ve messaged at midnight and had a response within half an hour

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