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Yes, all the time! Works very well.

DM me if you want a link for a free card.

It’s very useful if you want certain spending segregated from your main account(s)

Their 3DS implementation is quite nice too, which is handy online.

Fee-free topups from credit cards are unique too - once you’ve used a card for a while, you can automate them as well.


Just got metal and loving what is being offered

was hoping Monzo and plus would serve me well but I got out of that put starling back as my main account and using Revolut as my spending card.

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Not Cardiff? That’s not how you fintech

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Just used Revolut successfully in Denmark :denmark: for a few days.

Excellent as a designated travel card and appreciated the simplicity/convenience of the new Auto-Exchange feature.

Head to Monzo Referral Wiki - Link 5 - to take advantage of following promotion:

It has been estimated that the average deposit has increased from £70 to £350 per customer in the first half of 2019.

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Deja vu:

P.S. Revolut Link 5 in the referral wiki.



Parents controlling a 7 year old’s use = no brainier.

Controlling a 17 year old’s use = no way.


Completely agree. That’s how you make a teenager rebel. Teach kids early how to handle money, don’t manage them right up until 18.


Revolut are doing it right by getting them young as they’re more likely to stay with them, monzo are missing a trick IMO.


Revolut has now opened its free stock trading feature up to its Standard and Premium customers.


This sounds better on paper, as vast majority of retail customers have no business trading individual stocks and in case of required equity exposure should hold a diversified portfolio instead.

The lower cost part is great, but the underlying return risk is not.

Besides, with time ones order flow will be sold of to high frequency trading shops that will front run you with wider bid-ask spreads.

Revolut has confirmed that they will not sell the retail order flow to any high-frequency firms.

They’re being a bit ambitious with the headline, I mean Monzo “could” launch into 100+ countries and I “could” launch my own bank in 50 more.

And by “could” I presume you mean couldn’t.

Apologies if already posted elsewhere. When does Monzo report?

Well financed to have CACs at this level:

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