Restaurant scenario

Lets say, your sitting in a restaurant, the bill comes, you pull out your card only to learn, your account is temporary locked.

Who would be the winner then, Cash or Card?

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I’d cross my fingers they take Amex :grimacing:
Most places do theses days.

It’s can be benifical to have more than one bank account in case they are experiencing issues.

If you didn’t have another card or cash I’d be interested to know what they’d do?

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I had a situation when I had a meal with my mum once and my pin number completely slipped my mind and I entered it wrong too many times, so the card got locked.

They let me go to an ATM to take out cash… while my mum waited in the restaurant. My mum was also texting some friends to be on standby to run down and pay for us if I was unable to take out cash. It was embarrassing, but I was able to get some cash out and pay for the meal :sweat_smile:


I’d love to find out now :smile: … Not first hand :joy: but in general

My guess would be some sort of informal agreement of ‘come back tomorrow and pay’ with the punishment being you getting barred from further use of the restaurant :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a really good hypothetical but the server would be mightily disappointed with the amount of cash I carry, as it’s £0 :yum:

I’d give my legacy back a try in that scenario. Though, thankfully, in the 3 years I’ve had Monzo (prepaid & CA) I’ve never intentionally used my other bank :stuck_out_tongue:
I had a couple of slipups, i.e. Google Pay using the other card after I messed with the freezing of monzo & then I had my other card linked to Domino’s (ages ago) and by the time it had asked me for a CVC I just rolled with it :joy:

Did you get the cash from a different account? Presumably using one of those ‘one time emergency codes’ given your card got locked?? Or do they still let you lift cash even if it’s locked?

This was using my HSBC card before I had Monzo. When the card was locked due to too many incorrect pin attempts at the POS terminal, I was still able to use the ATM with that card as normal to take out money.

In fact, the way to unlock the card was to go to a HSBC ATM and press the “Unlock card” button :smiley:

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A resturaunt meal is a service contract. I would give them my name, address and a hastily written note to state I am willing to pay them at a later date (which could be just minutes or hours). Address proven with my driving licence. It isn’t theft if you intend to pay. Most establishments will have a procedure for people unable to pay. More than likely, I would just use my credit card or RBS’s emergency cash feature.


:point_up: This. Same with petrol stations. I don’t think they actually have the right to keep your ID, phone, wallet etc as seems to happen a lot.

Wash the dishes used to be the answer: ::rofl::rofl:

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Yeah I suggested that once.

The guy behind the till at the garage just looked confused…


So far, cash seems to be taking the lead. This question was asked, in light of a recent gathering to discuss a cashless future.

How would you use either cash or card if your account was frozen?

Obviously if you have cash on you… You’d use it.

If you didn’t have cash and you only had 1 card (which was frozen), you’d have to come back and pay a different way.

It’s always good practice to carry multiple payment methods for situations like this.

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I think this is where Apple/Google Pay can come in really useful. You could add another payment method to your digital wallet to use for emergencies like this without having to carry around another card.

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Not in my neck of the woods - We’ve just discovered contactless (helped by Halifax’s adverts…).

Although it’s definitely a good thing to do as a back up - I’d still carry an extra physical card as well.

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