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(Is Santa here yet?) #203

I know i’m new here, but is Sunday always fight day?


Very disappointing if that’s the case. It was such a good start Monzo made to things, and the community was friendly and welcoming.

I know disagreements will happen, but for a Monzo Leader to be at the centre of the argument, and to be so combative rather than trying to diffuse the situation, is absolutely atrocious from Monzo’s point of view.

(Alex Sherwood) #205

Haha definitely not :grimacing:

There’s a small group of users on the site who are having a hard time at the moment but as I hope you’ll find, this is a welcoming, friendly community :slight_smile:


Just to note, Monzo leaders are not employed by Monzo and do not represent them, they simply donate time to the forum, in the same way you are marked as ‘Regular’ if you are here a lot.

Probably a good idea to split this into a separate thread or DMs as this is going way to the side of what people who will click on this thread are interested in.

You can do that by quoting this post and opening a new thread with it, then linking a continued ‘here’ comment in this thread :slightly_smiling_face:


I never said that they were employed by Monzo, as I know they are not.

However, just because they are not employed my Monzo does not mean that they are not representing them. Who donates them as a Monzo Leader? If it’s Monzo, then Monzo are selecting this person to carry out a duty on their behalf and therefore representation of Monzo, in some form, is implied.

(Ben Green) #208

1st rule of Monzo community: don’t talk about Monzo community

2nd rule of Monzo community:…


It’s a shame some of your posts do not convey such a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

If some people are having a “hard time” you should be using your Leader platform to placate and address this; not antagonise, argue and ridicule.


This is probably the most appropriate thread to discuss this in:


Wow this has really gone down hill today

What a shamble and what a shame



this community is eating itself


I think we all need to just have a break from this inward bashing and maybe start a new leaf next week

It cannot continue like this :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


All online communities go through this.

(Leon) #215

Who was the threads OP. Since the poster is not here anymore I have no idea who he or she really is, so does anyone know?

(Is Santa here yet?) #216

Kilo Romeo. Must have chosen to leave and have the account anonymised

(Leon) #217

Thanks a lot. I was just wondering who it was. :+1: