RESOLVED: Current account payments may fail - Major Outage (27/10/2017)

I’m actually in Europe, so two hours ahead. My bad

Will we get a breakdown of what happened and why it happened?

I completely back Monzo even through these outages and this is the first major one on the CA but it’s just been a bad week :sob:


actually by the end of the following banking day is the scheme’s maximum period.

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Post-mortems are always a good thing to have, even if only to make people feel involved.

It’d also be worth @tom remembering to put the word “sorry” in the post somewhere. Apologies go a long way, even if the issue was pretty minor.


When all the facts about what happened are collated can we expect a blog post? After the promise that current accounts would be an improvement from GPS this is a worrying sign. Especially after a very stable CA Previous period.


Hi everyone, I’m Monzo’s Head of Engineering. While we’re back up and our systems are now running normally, we take this kind of issue very seriously. We’re extremely sorry about the impact this has caused on you all :sweat:

I’ll make sure to follow up in this thread next week after we’ve done an internal postmortem with a more in-depth explanation of what happened and what we’ve done to fix it.


@Oliver. I just had a declined DD from google music. Plenty of funds…

Yes, totally fair point. We’re still monitoring the situation very closely, so apologies for terse message - I just wanted to ping out a quick update while things are still evolving. We take this very seriously, and apologise for any inconvenience. As @oliver mentioned, we’ll follow up next week with more details.


That is strange - can you contact support in the app, please? The platform outage should not have had any impact on this.

He said “our fault” where other CEOs may look to (did) apportion blame. I’d say that’s very good.


If Google Play music works anything like Spotify and Apple Music, it’ll just be processed as an online card transaction, hence the decline.

Could I just clarify though, you said direct debits shouldn’t have been affected by the outage?

Finally, once again, as with the past issues that Monzo have encountered, I can’t praise you guys enough on your transparency with your customer base.



As far as we’re aware, that is correct. If you have any problems with specific Direct Debits, I’d encourage you to ask in-app.

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Yeah as it’s recurring I figured DD but a little investigation shows it to be a recurring card transaction.

OTOH I got the failure just after Monzo said everything was OK… So worth flagging up.

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I agree. I think Monzo have handled this incredibly well (although the timing is pretty awful) and I’m proud to bank with them. Just giving constructive criticism on how to handle it even better still!


Ever since that “move on” post… :rofl::rofl:

Which one…?

I received all my failure notifications after the announcement that it was fixed, though I think this is due to the fact that they were experiencing an app outage at the same time, so those notifications were being queued until the app reconnected.

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I know we can sign up to Status SMS but out of interest how come we never get notification messages for these sort of things? Would be a handy addition going forward.


You get a message at the bottom of the app but I agree, push notification would be good.

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got my money :dancer: