Reset App on new device

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To login on a new phone, you open the app and select the LOGIN at the bottom, supply your email address and an email will be sent to you, open that email and click the link and you will be logged into your Monzo account.

Edit: If this is not happening, post a screen shot to show what you’re seeing.

[deleted the screenshot to hide personal information]

You’ve gone into the sign up for a new account option

Delete the app and this time select log in

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You are on the sign-up flow. If you already have an account you need to click LOG IN

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That did not work


I’d suggest you delete your screenshot as it contains your mobile number :speak_no_evil:

As mentioned above, remove the app, reinstall and make sure you click log in and that you’re using the correct email address that you signed up to Monzo with.

Do you have an existing Monzo account? If so, make sure you enter the same email address you registered with, including any special characters just to be safe

(What I mean is gmail considers Joe.bloggs and Joebloggs to be the same email address, but some online systems do not, so you can use the same gmail address to sign up for multiple accounts/login will fail)

What did not work? If you go into the SIGN UP flow it sometimes gets stuck so you have to delete the app completely, re-download it from the app store, and then retry (and ensure you select LOGIN).

Thanks for your assistance I now have the App working



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