Request money into pot

Request money from people but have it paid directly into a pot for what you’re requesting it for e.g. I pay for a group flight, fork out £1000, but I’ve paid for 10 people. I could make a pot called “Flights to X” , and request (via payment link) £100 from each person to be transferred directly into that pot under that person’s name. Exactly like the ‘split this payment’ but would allow me a bit more control over how I organise the collection of money and automatically keeps it separate so I don’t spend it as it comes in. And goals for pots would compliment it nicely.

I know it’s the same feature in a different format, but would be very useful to me if I paid the bulk sum outside of Monzo, on a credit card for example. I could collect my and track my repayment nice and easily.


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