Request for Information for additional checks

Hi All,

Had my account for a year now, I just received a message requesting more information about the business, what we do, where we trade, types of business we trade with etc…

Is this an annual thing? Anxiety has kicked in that my account will suddenly be closed as the message ended with ‘if you don’t supply this information we will suspend or close your account’ - I obviously supplied the inform and before anyone ask’s this was via the app and not to a random email.

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They also do this for personal, seemingly randomly asking asking for more information like job title etc.

As long as what you said matches what you previous transactions have been and you’ve not now changed your business activities to something that’s against the terms and conditions I wouldn’t worry.

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Thanks. I did assume it was something like that, just dont like the words freeze and close being used.

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@kolok - Do they come back to you to confirm everything is ok or do you just never hear back

With personal you don’t hear back, I’m unsure about business, maybe someone else knows but I’d imagine they only contact you if there’s an issue.


It won’t be closed but it will be frozen if you delay for too long, most banks do this (Starling close theirs).

Doesn’t take long to complete, which can see you’ve done.

It’s just part of KYC and banks need to be sure your finances align with what you say you do.


Thanks all.