Request a specific amount from a contact without having to share a link



I’ve just shared an amount and my monzo link with a friend over instant messenger so that she can send me some money.

It would be really useful if I could request a specific amount from within the monzo app without the need to share a link externally. The request could then be stored and tracked in the monzo app, making it harder to forget about (and perhaps the monzo app would re-notify the sender every few days until the debt is paid).

Sorry if this has already been proposed.

Thanks for Monzo. I really like the direction you are heading.

(Hugh) #2

Are you suggesting requesting money from a Monzo using contact, without Monzo Me?


Hi crablab,

Yes, exactly. Because the request is internal to monzo, the process could be streamlined. There would be no need to share a link using a third party service (email, instant messenger, …) and monzo can keep track of if the debt has been paid or not (it can’t be forgotten by accident).

But, it’s just an idea :slight_smile:

What do you think?


(Hugh) #4

I think it is already possible, I may be wrong but there definitely is another thread on this :slight_smile: @alexs