Repeated declined payment

Hi. I have a transaction on my account which is being repeatedly represented and declined. How can I deal with this?

Does the Monzo app advise why it’s failing? what retailer?

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Scroll to the bottom of the transaction, tap ‘something wrong, get help’ (or words to that effect) and this will send all the required transactional information to customer services. You can then add your comments and they should then have everything they need to investigate.


The only option I have there is “Report fraud and block card” which I don’t think I want to do!

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Hey There,

Please contact us via the in app chat to get some further info on why this is declining if you can find the reason in your feed.

You can find the chat feature via Help > Type “Contacting Support”

I am having this too

Just had nearly double figure amount of declines

All transactions I approved vis the app

Had to use a different account…

Took ages to get three chat option under support

Same issue as you with only option being to report fraud as well if you try to use the automated service to get support.a