Repeat scheduled transfers after they were declined

I would love to be able to one-click try again Declined transactions, especially scheduled transfers.


I’ve got a little excited over having access to Saving pots. Yesterday, I didn’t have enough in my account to pay for my rent — a scheduled transaction. It was declined. I transferred enough back, but it took a day to come in. Today, I have the money back and I wanted to send my rent. However, the transaction has a Reference number that is hard to remember. Because I was paying with an ad hoc transaction and those details are not copiable within the app, I had to copy it down, and type it again.


I was expecting to be able to try again by clicking on the failed transaction. Instead, I could “Send money to…” but neither the amount nor the reference was carried from the declined transaction.

Similarly, the first option is to “Add money to your account”. It covers Transfers, Cheques and Cash, but not transfers from Pots.


  1. Pre-filling the ad hoc transfer with the current details (amount, reference) would be great;
  2. Unblocking an option to try again with one-click, when the account has enough liquidity to try again would be convenient;
  3. I’m assuming that the failed transaction will just appear as failed in my scheduled transfer report. Treating the ad hoc transaction as essentially the same as the initial transaction but delayed would probably make reporting clearer. I’d love to have tips based on the fact that some scheduled payments have been “delayed” before.

The “Add money to your account” option could also be a great place to offer a day-loan: with access to the Saving Pot, you have high confidence that the money will be in tomorrow. Even if it is a large amount, it is a low-risk operation. I hope my landlord won’t mind the 24-hour delay, but some transfers might be time-sensitive and worth a small fee.


Clicking on the reference field will normally give you a drop-down with the previous references that have been used which should help somewhat.

Interesting! I didn’t notice that this was happening. Definitely helps.
Is it possible that it only considers ad hoc transactions, but not schedule ones? I would have noticed the drop-down this morning if the reference number was there.

An interesting question…to which I don’t know the answer.