Reorder new card option in the app has a glitch

My card has expired and I Ordered a new one from the app, but it never arrived and tried to re-order a second one but when I followed every step at the moment to confirm the second order the app had a glitch and told me “card order failed. Please try again” I have done it many times but still have the issue.

Details to reproduce:
“card order failed. Please try again”

OS: iOS 15.6.1
Device: iPhone
App Version: 5.52.0 #5520054


About a month before it expired Monzo should have sent you an alert to confirm you’re still at the same address and shipped you one automatically.

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It’s still broken and I need a card.

It’s disgraceful it hasn’t been fixed since the poster created this thread

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Nothing yet, not a card of solution from the app. Don’t know what’s the right thing to do now.

Same thing to me. I need the card and I froze the other one. There is no other way to contact them?

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Help > type “contact” > contact us

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That does absolutely nothing because it’s the same order page


I cannot order a new card in app. I always get an, Oops something went wrong message. I’ve been trying for weeks now and it’s still broken.

I’ve also tried to speak to someone on the phone but that’s a complete joke these days.

Details to reproduce:

Android 14

Samsung 21+ 5G

App Version:

I can’t get one of the error messages I see.

Help > type “contact” > Press “Contacting Support”


Doesn’t work

Yes it does.


I think some accounts can’t get to chat even by searching for it. Mine’s the same - I just get funnelled into a series of self help pages.

Ofc what’s the first result after typing contact when you try?

I think it’s a mixture of self-help and getting to speak to someone.


This is the screen I get after tapping the “Tap here to get started” link in your second shot.

That just filters you to the right person (in theory), it doesn’t just open so you can say “Hi” anymore.

All the options I get just funnel me through the help pages.

They really don’t like you.


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If it worked I wouldn’t be here bitching about it would I



Your funny

Doesn’t work = link… Click … bac to the same page to order a card



I emailed help using the address on the Play Store page last night.
They answered my email asking me for ID and to send it to them.

I guess that means they want it to verify it’s me for the new card… because to be honest the person hasn’t quoted my email on a reply. They didn’t even say something like…

Ok we need your ID so we can verify and send your card…