Reopen Account after CASS

I recently switched out of Monzo to a traditional high street bank… what a mistake!

I have email to reopen and whilst I can still log into the app I’ve used chat also but no real answers.

I’d like to reopen the account but all monzo can tell me is that the team are busy and will be in touch.

Does it normally take a week + to hear back from them?

Email is slow at the best of times.

How long ago did you do it? You have to wait at least 30 days before you can reopen an account.

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the switch completed on 27th Jan ‘21.

That’s good because 30 days needs to have passed before you can re-open.

Your account needs to be manually re-opened so contacting Monzo the way you have is the correct procedure. It just takes a long while to respond via email because in app chat is where all their resource is focused.

Try to include as much relevant information in your initial email to avoid further delays with back and forth. Things like a photo ID so that they can use this as identity verification.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve sent them all the photos and info they need via email and online chat.

Just keep being told they’ll update when they can.
Just wondered if a week or more is the norm for reopen requests.

It’s hard to say. Seems like it varies but I’d say 1-2 weeks as a rough estimate.

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out of curiosity who was the bank and what was the issue that made is so bad?

Maybe try ringing if you’re lucky they can do it while you’re on the phone xox

Given the circumstances I doubt it can be done over the phone.

When you use the CASS any money sent to your old sort code and account number gets forwarded to your new account.

When you reopen an old Monzo account the team usually reinstate the details you had previously which is an issue if you’ve used the switch service and your old details are forwarding to your newer account.

You’ve just got to wait it out I’m afraid.