Rename budgets as spending plans


I have found that the word budget can make people feel like they are on a money diet. If you restrict spending too much there can be a tendency to rebel and have a blow out!

Spending plan is friendlier and seems less restrictive :smiley:


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Can’t say that I agree with this and personally I don’t think it works either.


Your grocery spending plan is £10 over this month
Your grocery budget is £10 over this month

Not saying it’s a bad idea, but let’s see what others think :slight_smile:


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I think rather than change the word budget - more needs to be done in explaining what a budget can be. Yes a budget can be used to “trim the fat” so to speak to you can reduce the amount of money you spend.

At the same time a budget can also be used to simply record all your income and outgoings so you have a record of it without ‘limiting’ your usage.

We’ve seen in this forum the very many different ways budgets are used to their preferences, whether that be envelope, dump and forget, or meticulous category specific (to the penny) spreadsheets - so showing how a budget can be used is IMO better than changing the word.



I see what you are saying and obviously we all see things slightly differently.

I don’t agree with the two statements you made though as a budget can’t be over it’s a budget so the statements would be

Your spending on groceries is £10 over budget; or
Your spending on groceries is £10 over your spending plan


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Of course you can go over budget, I don’t understand?

Now the double ‘spending’ in that sentence irks me :laughing:

I don’t think I can be convinced but appreciate you trying :slight_smile:



No worries we won’t all agree on everything. Just with the work I do some people find the word budget a bit like a money diet :joy:

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If this is just about changing the name of something then its really just down to personal opinion. Some people might prefer to call it a budget because they use it as a budget and its going to get confusing to have different names for the same thing, that is unless the behavior between a budget and a spending plan is different

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It used to be called Targets but was charged as it seemed the goal is to aim to spend all of it. I think the same would apply for spending plan, whereas budget implies more the maximum I’m allowed to spend

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But… It IS a budget.

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And yet it’s also a spending plan :woman_shrugging:


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Not really, spending plan suggests that’s how much you’re going to spend, which it isn’t, otherwise target would have been a suitable name. A budget is an amount of money allowed for that purpose



I think works better for some people to have a plan but agree not everyone will be the same. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions too :smiley:



:thinking: Spending Plan does sound how much you’re planning to spend a bit like how it was previously Target like you were failing if it wasn’t all gone.

Spending plan shows I plan to spend £1000, spent £900 so I have £100 left to spend.

Rather than I’ve budgeted £1000 and spent £900, and have £100 left in the budget that could be spent or saved.


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I have a ‘spending plan’ in a year long spreadsheet, but this includes my average income, committed spending and then highlights a monthly budget I can afford as well as how much I will move to each pot. For me personally, it works really well and I’ve saved more than I ever have done before. I’ve tweaked the one pictured below to give a very rough guide to what it’s like. My main one is on my laptop which isn’t near me at the moment. My main one also shows me all of my loans and the percentage of them I have paid off. This is my view on a ‘spending plan’ as apposed to a budget.
I put in the below image ‘remaining monthly allowance’ as apposed to ‘budget’ as the budget is the last thing I arrange. Paying my bills, loans and paying into my pots is my main priority.