Remove Monzo Plus Page

Wrong terminology - I’m part of a random family account :smiley:


What happens when the family notice and remove your account? I guess if it’s been 2 years then they probably won’t ever spot it’s been hacked.

I’m guessing he means that family put on eBay that they would add you to their account. Rather than being added to someone’s completely at random.

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Sounds like a good post for the fraud and scammers thread :wink:

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This is definitely veering a little off-topic but back when I used the same password for everything, noticing that someone had added themselves to my Spotify family was the kick up the butt I needed to move to unique passwords and a password manager.

I work in the industry and there’s tonnes of this stuff going on, you’ll also find people have their accounts used to artificially increase the streams on certain tracks without their knowledge. At the end of every year when Spotify run their Wrapped feature you’ll always get people complaining to Spotify that artists they’ve never listened to before are appearing in their lists. 9 times out of 10 what they’re also failing to say is that they have one password they use for literally everything.

Anyway, back on-topic. The Halifax app is dreadful, one of the tabs at the bottom is literally dedicated to selling you additional services.


I don’t have a clue how it works. I just know it’s very hit or miss with how long it lasts before you’re “kicked out”. Which does absolutely nothing because you still keep all your playlists and things - you just see ads again. This is a record for me but make it past 2 weeks and you’re in profit.

All the listings promote “lifetime” accounts and I think most work by the seller purchasing a family account, selling spaces and then kicking you out after a few month - then rinse and repeat.

Some also add you to their company account.

Some are no doubt stolen accounts or ones purchased with stolen cards :man_shrugging:

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It’s majority either stolen cards buying gift cards or selling space on a hacked family account.

There’s pastebins of thousands of hacked accounts if you are in the know.

Whilst people could sell their own extra space on with the promise they’ll keep paying indefinitely it’s not likely for just a one off small payment. That would be such a bad deal on the sellers part.

People do sell legitimately gifted gift cards where they have received it as a present. I’m guessing that makes up < 1% though.


Wow! That sounds like an absolute racket!

There’s tens of thousands if not more. Same for Netflix, Disney+ and likely every other subscription you can think of.

I don’t think eBay really care. They make money as do Paypal because they don’t cover you for digital purchases.

Yeah and when they cut you off, there’s nothing you do can do about it!

I don’t think any other (reputable) bank would dare.

Imagine being in your transaction list in the Barclays app and just out of view was their Premier card or something. It just wouldn’t happen.

I thought with most of the legacy banking apps they had opt out/in to adverts across all of their channels. I’m pretty sure you can opt out of ads.

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Nah, you can opt out of personalised ads. If you do so, you’ll still be shown ads though.

Glad you found it helpful.

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hahahah so they have :rofl: Why on earth have you been flagged when my subsequent comments are likely to be way over the line :open_mouth:

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Might I suggest that as its in no way related to removing the Monzo Plus page as per the title it was maybe considered off topic? It wasn’t me, but I did think that whole series of posts had nothing to do with the subject.


That’s a good point. I forgot that was one of the options you can choose!

Happy to have all my posts removed if a mod wants to tidy it all up :slight_smile:

It’s the same for any bank account. The only value of no paying account holders is it creates a target group you can sell profitable products too.

If Monzo couldn’t advertise it’s paid-for products to its 5 million customers it’d have a business worth almost nothing.

I think these adverts are fairly unintruisive from the images? No one is phoning you up or sending you a load of emails You don’t want. You aren’t dismissing anything every time you log in or move a page. It’s just sitting there at the side to show you it’s there. They also aren’t selling your data or anything like that. All in all seems like a fair trade for a bank account to me.

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It had strayed. Granted. But many others digress massively.

Take a look at the current Starling thread for example.

Each to their own.

I was considering posting a link to my comment on this thread on that thread too since as you say it has also gone wildly off topic, but I am not the one who decides what is and isn’t off topic so I refrained. I was just giving my guess why you’re entirely off topic post was flagged, as I doubt anyone would think it was inappropriate or spam. 🤷

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How many people can dismiss it?

Can you dismiss the Monzo plus /premium card to the left of your personal account
  • Yes
  • No
  • What advert

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