Remove card machine charge

Hey Monzo, you know when smaller retailers charge you 50p for paying on card under £5? Is there any way of scrapping that charge if we use Monzo?

Also the same for ATMs who charge to withdraw!

Since that’s a charge that the merchant or machine adds, I’m guessing there is nothing Monzo can do about it.


Nope, that’s charged by the merchant in the base amount, Monzo has no control at all over anything that gets added before it at least hits the MasterCard network.

50p for sub-£5 charges is a terrible deal by the way and any merchant being charged to the point where they need to pass it on to the customer like that should start shopping around for a new acquirer!

There was a little bit of discussion at the last community workshop about perhaps promoting good card acceptance and how to negotiate the acquirer world to small and independent merchants. Maybe this could be a way to do a small part in resolving the core problem. :thinking:

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